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Sino-Platonic Papers
This is for newer members who may not know about

The Sino-Platonic Papers were established in 1986 by Professor Victor H. Mair through the University of Pennsylvania's Department of East Asia Languages and Civilizations. The papers concern subjects, sometimes controversial, often obscure, that would not be considered by "mainstream" publishers.

As of this post, there are 266 well-researched papers available. Many concern the inter-weavings of ancient China and her steppe neighbors. This source is exemplary, by the richest minds in academia, and it offers all articles as free PDFs by simply clicking the upper right-hand corner to download. Wink

Thank you, Victor Mair
Alan J. Campbell

member of Legio III Cyrenaica and the Uncouth Barbarians

Author of:
The Demon's Door Bolt (2011)
Forging the Blade (2012)

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