Full Version: A question regarding the Gladius Hispaniensis
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I am currently reading a book that states that the Gladius Hispaniensis was used by the Romans after the Second Punic War. I don't know how accurate that is but if it is true then I wonder what type of sword the Romans used before the Second Punic War. Any input? Thanks in advance.
Have a look at an ongoing discussion in Christian's marketplace section:

It's entitled 2nd Punic War Project, but there are lots of candidates for earlier Roman swords posted there.
Off the top of my head, I would expect it to be something akin to Greek types, due to the influence of the Greek colonies in the south of the peninsula. So either the straight 'leaf-bladed' hoplite sword, or the recurved 'kopis' or 'machaira' (was it called a falcata in Italy, or was that just Spain?).

When I say 'leaf-bladed' I may be muddling my terminology. I actually mean the blade is double-edged, straight and symmetrical along it's centreline, but has a slight narrowing 'waist', then broadens out again before tapering to the point. It might be a xiphos in Greek, but I think this was actually a fairly generic term for a straight sword (as opposed to the curved kopis). Like I said, off the top of my head - it's a while since I read up on this specifically.