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I would like to submit my Attic Helmet for your consideration. It took me 5 months to make it but, I'm finally done! The total cost in materials was $123.00.

[Image: helmIMG_5081.jpg]

[Image: helmIMG_5078.jpg]

[Image: helmIMG_5091.jpg]
I really did my best and used only actual ancient examples of Roman motif and based a great deal on the sculptures of the Praetorian Guard, such as the thunderbolt/lightening bolt cheek guard, the laurel crown around the helmet, and the wreaths in the back... although the attic helmet at the Louver only has one wreath... I did three.

Unfortunately, no original attic helmet has ever been found so I only have sculptures to reference.

It is challenging without physical examples or 'finds' but, the last thing I wanted to do was over-embellish or make something up from whole-cloth. I figured if I stuck with only known examples in ancient art, sculpture, and coins, and stuck with decorations that were typically used in ancient Rome, I wouldn't stray too far from a true Roman motif.

For example, I didn't just add any eagle to my visor, I based it on a known example of an eagle from the Roman Empire.

[Image: helmIMG_5076.jpg]

[Image: helmIMG_5097.jpg]
I wanted to use actual Roman motif with real symbolism on my visor and crest, as opposed to just a bunch of fancy lines or ornamental shapes or making something up.


1. After the edging work, I based an eagle, the Roman symbol of their supreme god Jupiter, on the one worn on Emperor Marcus Aurelius' armor (later than my impression's time period I know but, it is an authentic Roman Eagle); first drawing it with a Sharpe, edging it out with the small embossing tool, embossing the feathers, then adding details and more details.

2. Flanking the Eagle I embossed Roman Pole Standards, such as those found on Trajan's column.

3. I added Roman style thunderbolts/lightening bolts

[Image: 3visormotif.jpg]

4. I then added Roman victory laurel wreaths, such as those found on Roman coins and the Augustus statue platform above which reads "VICT AVG" (Victory Augustus) however; for my impression "VICT MAR" (Victory Gaius Marius) & "VICT CAE" (Victory Julius Caesar) seemed more fitting. Lastly, I added more vines around the eagle.

5. I added Roman style acanthus motif vines and decorated the disks of the visor as well.


1. I started with the Goddess Fortuna's primary symbol... her Cornucopia (horn of plenty).

2. I followed the Cornucopia with a simpulum, sprinkler, axe, and apex which were the emblems of the pontificate Julius Caesar as evidenced on reverse of his Elephant Denarius coin minted between 49 & 48 BC. I also added vines and copied the stars from the Mainz Gladius example above to fill in the blank spots.

3. I added four victory wreaths, like the Augustus example

[Image: 8crestmotif.jpg]

4. Next, I based the two standards and legionary eagle on the ones from Marc Anthony's Battle of Actium coin minted in 31 BC as payment to his legions.

5. Lastly, I added a Roman War Ship but, I decided not to use Antony's, instead I choose this 1st Century BC Roman Galleon with it's mast and sails extended; note Fortune is guiding the ship to victory.

6. For the front of the Crest I chose a bust of the Roman Goddess Fortuna (the Goddess of luck and good fortune)

7. For the back, I chose the Temple of Jupiter based on the reverse of this Petillius Capitolinus, AR Denarius coin, minted in 43BC in Rome
For the cheek guards and overall helmet:

I chose to use a Roman thunderbolt (lightening bolt) as on the helmet's cheek guards below. The laurel crown surrounding my attic helmet and the elaborate visor was also based on the first example of the Praetorian Guard statues at the Louver . The larger space between the hinge and visor was based on the second example, also of the Praetorian Guard at the Louver .

[Image: atticLouvre_2.jpg]

[Image: re-upclose_small.jpg]

[Image: helmIMG_5095.jpg]


I used JB Wield to 'cold wield' the embossed brass
I used modern tools such as a Dremel and angle grinder
I started with a modern Corinthian helmet as the bowl "base"
I used modern screws to hold on the crest


The helmet is 18g steel
The visor is 18g brass (with thiner embossing brass cold wielded to it)
All the trim and emboss work is 36g brass
All the appliqués are solid brass
The padding is all real leather on the cheek guards and underneath
The plume is real ostrich feathers
All the motif is based on actual known examples form ancient Rome

I made this helmet myself

Thanks again for your consideration!
Thanks everyone!

I do understand, and now that I know I actually agree, why this wouldn't be in the running for a Hasta Pura award because it's not copied or duplicated from an artifact. Although I used all Roman motif… there wasn’t an actual helmet, statue or otherwise, that was exactly like mine.

I have started on a Parazonium that I am copying from the statue of Germanicus that was found in 1963. This I am coping as exactly as I can… I wonder if that would count?

[Image: Parazonium_of_Germanicus.jpg]

[Image: parazoniumgermanicusMintEmp2.jpg]

[Image: parazoniumgermanicusMintEmp3.jpg]
If you are not sure about what to do to get a Hasta Pura, just look at the model presentation. If you are entering with a single object and not a complete impression, make sure that there is material evidence for this object, so that you have something to re-construct. I am quite sure that with your capabilities as an artisan / craftsman you can easily do this. Big Grin If you need any tips, do not refrain from sending me a pm.
Good luck!
Wow, thanks for the compliments Christian!

I'm nearly done with my Parazonium... just a few more touches and it’s done. I started on a pair of officer's boots this weekend ... basically, I'm trying to copy Caesars down to the last detail.

Would copying sculpture count toward your award? The Parazonium of Germanicus is a found sculpture of the sword but not the actual sword itself… or am I treading in a grey-area here? I am a bit limited to using sculpture and frescos as my impression is an Officer’s Impression…. This reminds me, I really have to get back to my subarmalis too!