Full Version: Late Romans - Docu about Constantine today in German TV
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Avete omnes,

today in Second German TV (ZDF) for all who can receive it: from the zdf-expedition-series "Rom", the 5th part:


Looks quite promising ...

Greets - Uwe
Thanks Uwe,

This is part of a BBC series. It's not bad, by no means! There's a good attention to detail (arms & armour, clothing), although they could have made Constantine less of a fanatic, I suppose.. :?

Next part will be about the Goths taking Rome.
I've seen these, like you said Robert they were on BBC a while ago, an excellent series imo.
Yes, I really enjoyed it. It was the first time on TV I have seen late romans dressed as they actually have been.

I saw the whole series on flemish TV. Indeed a very good docu.
Does someone knows if it is available through DVD?

I know it's available on amazon, here's a link ... 950&sr=8-1 but the languages says English and Spanish, but if you can live with that your fine Smile I don't know about other retailers though, sorry.
Thanks, Dave, for the link :wink: .
BTW, for all who missed this splendid documentations and can receive German TV. The whole series will be repeted soon on German sender '3SAT':

Sep, 19. 20.15 Uhr 3Sat "Rom (1)" (Caesar, battle of Pharsalus).
Sep, 21. 20.15 Uhr 3Sat "Rom (2)" (Nero)
Sep, 23. 20.15 Uhr 3Sat "Rom (3)" (Tiberius Gracchus)
Sep, 26. 20.15 Uhr 3Sat "Rom (4)" (Titus and Vespasian - Jerusalem)
Sep, 28. 20.15 Uhr 3Sat "Rom (5)" (Constantine)
Sep, 30. 20.15 Uhr 3Sat "Rom (6)" (Alarich - Sack of Rome)

Greets - Uwe