Full Version: Augsburg Plumata
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I would like to know if anyone has any information on the Augsburg plumata. I know Robinson mentions it in his book.

I also have a current picture of the this plumata unfortunately the picture is too far away for me to discern much from it.

However, from what I can see, the chainmail appears to be iron not bronze as Robinson mentions. It has a mass like appearence which is consistent with iron type chainmail artifacts. Other plumata samples have their chainmail quite loose suggesting a copper alloy.

Is the above statement true? Is the chainmail on the Augsburg Plumata iron or bronze?

Secondly, Robinson mentions that the scales on the Augsburg plumata are alternating in bronze and iron. However, from the picture I have, the majority of the surface is covered in green (copper alloy ?) with some brown here and there (Iron?). This is hardly the case where a blanket statement can be made that the scales are actually alternating. It would appear to me that the iron scales are a repair not the norm. However, I can be wrong since the picture I have is of poor quality.

Is the above second statment true? Are the scales a copper alloy alternating with iron or is it just copper alloy with a few sporadic iron scales?

Does anyone know how to obtain the conservation or archaelogical report or have any data on this plumata such as punched ring and riveted ring size (internal diameter), and gauge of the wire that the chainmail rings are made of. Also any information as to the size of the scales and their gauge.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

Does this help? (Click the thumbnails for bigger versions)
Not to discount your pictures Jasper, but is there anyone close by that can get clearer pictures of this piece and perhaps get the conservation/archaeological report on it as Doc asked? :wink: That would be totally awesome.

Judging by the photos here it would seem that the scales are not right next to each other, but rather have an open link between them. They also seem to be more broad much like the Newstead piece, rather than being slender like Dan Peterson's piece.

I made a piece of it using the Newstead dimensions (slightly smaller actually) and I must say that this is one seriously cool armour. :!:
The scales look paper-thin on this piece. :?
No worries Erik. It's just terrible to photograph a mass of rusted together iron in not super lighting conditions. Christian lives in the same town, maybe he can make another attempt?
I agree Adrian. My guess would put them around .3mm or thereabouts.

So is it your opinion then Jasper that the mail component of this piece is iron and not a copper alloy like the scales? That is what I think based on the pictures.
I just wanted to add that my earlier post was in error as to the arrangement of the scales. While it may look as if the scales have an open link between them, it only appears that way due to the scales being tapered.
Would marry with the few scales I have seen in museums! Thin!
Could someone tell me which museum in Augsburg this piece displayed at? The Römisches Museum?
I contacted the Augsburg Römisches Museum and I was told to provide a photo of the plumata since to their recollection, that particular piece is not in their museum. In fact I was told that only an iron hamata is in their posession.

I provided what was requested and hopefully the will find something

I`ll be in the museum ini ca 2-3 weeks and take some pics anyway. The plumata is part of the permanent collection. Whom have you been talking / writing to?