Full Version: Scutum surface covering
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I am interested in knowing about scutum surface coverings. I have read that the Fayum shield was covered with felt and that the Dura Europos (had a rawhide edge) while other shield fragments were covered with leather or skin.

I have also read and have been told that scuta were covered with cloth material presumably linen.

Does leather or skin refer to rawhide or tanned leather.

If I were interested in reconstructing a scuta for a first century impression, would a scutum completly covered in rawhide be consistent with the available data (presuming leather or skin is rawhide) or would a scutum with a linen surface and painted insignia be more consistent with the available data.

I am not sure if this was discussed in other threads. If it is can someone point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance