Full Version: WWW.Roman-Britain.ORG
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I double posted this question!
Don't know if this is the right forum for this.
Has anyone really checked through this site and is it any good? Just found it and don't really know enough about the time period to judge its content.
Jon R
There are no real truths, just stories. (Zuni)
I think this is a very well-researched website. The owner did a lot of research and has done a lot with maps, creating much new information that way.
I agree with Robert - it's a really good site; I find the inter-active maps particularly valuable and an excellent resource. It's one of a select list of websites that I acutally recummend to my students (for those interested, this site, Lacus Curtius and Livius are others I'm happy to recommend to undergrads).
Kate and Robert
Thanks for your input. I will now be able to go through the site and hopefully manage to learn some new things.
The reason I asked was there are so many sites out there and I seem to spend far too much time reading only to find that some of their information is dubious at best.
Thanks again