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I beggin recently to explore second life. It's huge, it have lot's of people but i don't know exactly what to do there. Does anyone go there? In all those places, is there any place that the members of this forum recommended? Or they meet?
Thanks for any advice!
Second life? Man, I have enough trouble in the *first one*! What's Second Life?
Take a look at this I had a go once, but could never really get into it...
when my wife keeps telling me to get one I'm sure she doesn't mean a 2nd Smile
jon R

Gaius Decius Aquilius

I played around a bit there, and found a book listing " Roma" which is a Roman sim world, (natch) and found it to be reasonably busy. There is a lot of role playing fruhaha there, but there is a VII Agusta fortress and I did see some dude hanging out in some almost reasonable, segmentata. I have not figured out yet where to get one, or join the Legion, which it seems you can do.

This might work for a few RATers to meet. The owner has to give permission for any groups to hold events and all. This is also not for the underage crowd, but the mature content is regulated to Caligula's Palace or someplace like that, where my wife wont let me go. I spent only a bit of time there, so there is a lot I dont know about the place, but it does seem like it could be fun if not taken too seriously.

We can all argue tunic color in the Forum, and practice marching and making testudo. Fighting is allowed in the arena and on private property. Three or four of us could make the taburna rounds and show the Praetorians not to dis the Legio.

It more like the Rome series than anything else, but I think a collection of us at one time at a given location and time may be fun, and would offer an unusual way to have virtual meetings.

Gaius Decius Aquilius
Ralph Izard

p.s.: I have just purchased a lorica segentata and a gallic G. I have no idea how to put them on (attach them) and am stuck in the shop with a bare avitar.
I am on second life too, there is also a roman navy section too I believe. I don't play it much because the came has frozen on me a couple times so I have never been in the navy section.

Gaius Decius Aquilius

Try joining the XIII Legion. I also rented an appartment in the Subura, down the street. Still trying to figgure out how all this works. It's not technicaly a game, there are no goals, and a lot of facets are educational, like the Museum. It does have a lot of historical detail somebody did some reserach on, and the builder is continiously correcting errors, and does updates, based on verifiable sources, apparrently submitted from visitors. Some of our RATers would have a field day on that aspect.

Gaius Decius Aquilius
(Ralph Izard)
Thanks, i will go to "Roma" next time and hpe i find somebody from here! Big Grin
speaking of second life, how about this:

Rome Reborn 1.0

The university of Virginia has digitalized ancient Rome!

very cool!

Gaius Decius Aquilius

Quote:Thanks, i will go to "Roma" next time and hpe i find somebody from here! Big Grin

Put down your a RAT member on your avitar profile. The XIII meets for training Friday and Saturday at noon SL time. I think that is Pacific Coast time. California, of course, the center of the sim and real universe. They give you free armor. Looks like a Kalkrise sort of, and an Italic J, kinda. You get it from your Centurion. You can also buy a Corbrige and a Gallic G kit for $800L. Gladiator armor also. This is a reenactor friendly place, almost everyone I met does somthing.

At my age, playing in a sim world.... on the othe hand, I also have more than half a dozen suits of armor and a dozen more helmets.... Oh well, everybody has to have an ecentricity, or five.

(R. Izard)
Hey Ralph, email me the pic you want, when I go home this week-end I'll photoshop it so you can use it as your avatar.