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Just noticed this for sale on a well known auction site, claims to be an authentic artefact from Yugoslavia, 1st Century AD. The bronze handle is interesting. Any other examples of solid bronze handles on Roman swords?:
Without more provenance and information I'd be very cautious about calling it a genuine gladius. Concerning the auctioneers, how "well known" is "well known"? Confusedhock: Bidding currently at 1500 US. Blade shape looks OK, handle looks strange, hence my question. It could well be modern manufacture and "aged" to con somebody out of some serious wedge.
There is s spatha blade on there now.
Th esellers other stuff is intersting 8)
FAAAAAAAAAAAKE. It's amazing how many things like this are showing up lately, all perfectly intact with perfectly uniform corrosion, not even any little chunks out of the edge of the blade. Cast bronze hilts that for some odd reason just don't look like anything we've seen in the books. Now "Greek" helmets are showing up that are being sold from Hong Kong! Their ebay entries have large orange lettering and tell us fascinating (and highly imaginative) history lessons about Romans, metallurgy, etc. Oh, and they offer a complete money-back guarantee if you can get a museum to PROVE that the item is NOT authentic! That's a neat little loophole that allows them to sell obvious fakes as originals.

Any one of these features should set off alarm bells. My advice, don't even LOOK at "antiquities" on ebay!


Yes, as FAKE as a fake can be.... It always puzzles me to think about some hypothetical person who has SUCH A passion for roman history that he/she is willing to spend sums like this and at the same time have SUCH AN ignorance of real roman military history/artefacts. Schizophrenic Confusedhock: !!! Or is someone out there blushing right now :wink: ...
Svlla I agree with the others I would say fake ,the"surface" rust looks to new.
Regards Brennivs Big Grin
And there I was, trying to be polite.....

Red rust sets the alarms off. 'Gloopy dark metallic slivery (not 'silvery') stuff in the shape of...' would be far more apt for the iron.

I think.
Guys, STAY AWAY FROM EBAY when looking at buying antiques. It'd be like auctioning for a doctor for a kidney transplant that you need done. Go to authentic and trust worthy dealers for this kind of stuff.
Quote:Red rust sets the alarms off. 'Gloopy dark metallic slivery (not 'silvery') stuff in the shape of...' would be far more apt for the iron.

I think.

Whilst I would generally agree that most iron objects in the archaeological record would fall within your description Tarbicvs, I can think of a number of blades that have been recovered in comparatively excellent condition (some of those from Carnuntum for example).

The real alarm bell for me (aside from the fact that it was on e-bay!) was the bronze handle, hence the question in my first post.

I would agree with both Matts about the perils of e-bay (and not just antiquities either), but it looks like somebody is about to part with a very large amount of cash for a reworked rusty car spring.
The problem is that this stuff sells. Even re-enactors buy the stuff and their reasons for doing so are simple, 'it looks good'. There are more than just a few people in the re-enactment game motivated by the cosmetics of 'looking cool in the kit' and do no research whatsoever of any kind before making a purchase. and of course their are those who innocently believe the ad.

Then they turn up wearing the stuff, and in the interests of harmony you try to break the news gently until the penny drops. But then they go off and do it again with something else Confusedhock:

Managing authenticity within a group can be like walking a tight rope, you know something is wrong but you don't want to cause a fight Cry

Personally, I wish eBay etc would stop advertising this stuff.

Yup... it's amazing how well preserved and evenly rusted these EBay Roman swords are compared to the 'real' ones in museums

On Ebay:
[Image: bef5_1.JPG]

In a museum:

Maybe I should just buy a few Deepeeka gladiuses, leave them out in the rain and cut off the handles... heck, I could make millions!!!

BTW: can we make the Image size up to 800x800? That would allow portrait as well as landscape photos to be posted on this forum.

Quote:You have posted an image that is too large. Images can only be 800 pixels wide and 500 pixels high

Right now we can post an 800x500 landscape image (Horizontal picture) but not a 500x800 portrait image (vertical picture)
Gee whiz, I hope those far eastern and other fakers aren't watching this site or the next items will have a few 'notches' and a couple of 'missing' bits...................making them that much harder to spot.

BTW, any thoughts on the intact scale corselet, said to be from Lake Trasimene, illustrated in H. Russell-Robinson's "Armour of Imperial Rome"?

It screams 'fake' to me........
Quote:can we make the Image size up to 800x800?
Your wish is granted. Big Grin
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