Full Version: Centurio Fatalis - Update on Len Morgans Progress
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Hi Folks

As some of you may know Len Morgan, Senior Centurion of the XIIIIth is doing a 1400 mile charity walk in aid of the Army Benevolent Fund from the top of Scotland to the bottom of England (St. John O'Groats to Land's End).

Len should be into England by now and is pretty much on schedule. So far he's raised £1,200.00 out of a planned £5,000.00. I'll try and keep you up to date with Len's progress and will be joining him myself at the end of July to be taught a hard lesson in physical fitness :wink: (I have booked time in a spa to recover afterwards)

I know many of you have made generous donations to Len's cause and those who wish to make a donation can do so at:

I'm sure Len would like to thank you all for your support.
We're rooting for him - an inspiration Big Grin
Definitely a respectable endeavor, worthy of admiration.
I was speaking with Len's wife Elizabeth this morning. Len is now past a place called Duston on the Pennine way.
A quick update. Len is now south of the town of Crewe (south of Manchester...I think :oops: )
Big Grin Cheshire!

Only about 320 miles to go! :?

Come on Len!
Any chance of using Google Earth or Google Maps to show his progress?
Thats good to hear! Skirmish said he was near Jedburgh, so I figured it was a little behind the times! Big Grin
I have received an email from Len this morning. It reads...

Quote:Salvete Comilitones,

After nearly 900 miles of atrocious weather, wet gear and clothing and problems with drying it I have returned home. The weather has beaten me. Physically I have had some recent problems with my lower back and also the tendons in my right foot but it is the continual wetting and drying problems that have defeated me.

Had I gone by road I would have completed the walk with the amount walked but my chosen route by estate roads, military roads ( Roman and Georgian), drove roads and hill paths leave me 400 miles short of my intended target. I hope that all who supported me will accept that I have done my best under very trying circumstances.

I feel depressed at not finishing and those who know me will recognize that I am my own worst critic. I would once again like to thank everyone who has given me their support and sponsorship.


Well done Len! I wouldn't even have attempted such a feat! A braver and fitter man than I!
I echo that! It's a truly incredible achievment Big Grin
900 miles in one of the wettest Mays and Junes I can remember- a huge achievement.
That would be why he is the Primus Pilus! 8)
This a great achievement, one which we lesser travellers marvel at.

Len has placed a Roman standard on the streaming hillsides of Britain.
What a journey! I'm decades younger but I could never have done it!
Len's fortitude and commitment are an inpiration now as ever before. As our centurio in years past we would probably have happily followed him over the edge of a cliff, had he asked us to do it. That respect is in no way diminished.

As Peronis said, I am only half his age, but would not have attempted what he has achieved not once, but twice. At over seventy years of age he has stopped only as a result of the attrotious weather, not through any lack of resolve or commitment. The remaining miles are Len's as of right and he should be credited with them.