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With 39% of the vote, Adrian Wink is the winner of the VEXILLVM- congrats Ade, it's well-deserved Big Grin
Congratulations Adrian!!
Well done Ade!
Congratulations Ade!
Big Grin

Thank you guys! Looking at the list of previous recipients, I'm honoured to be among such esteemed company with this award. :oops:
Well done Ade!
Many congratulations, Adrian, have a celebratory drink of the most appropriate beverage - or at least the one I always think of when I see your posts!!! :wink:
Thanks Kate,

I always have a few of those in the fridge! :wink:
Congratulations, Adrian!
Congratulations Sir -- well done! Big Grin

Many congratulations frater Peronis!

Congrats Adrian!
Congratulations Adrian and well done!
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