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I'm looking at getting into a few leather projects. I understand that cow leather is generally acceptable.

However, I was wondering if there is another type of hide that might be closer to goat (which I believe was the most common is use by the Romans?)

I can readily get the cow or pig through all kinds of commercial means. I could stake a claim to some elk or deer, though I may have to tan it myself.

An even more remote possibly might be some sheep, though most of the sheep ranches around here sell theirs commercially for things like slippers and jacket liners. Cry Just from considering the similarity of the animals themselves, though, I was thinking this one might actually be the closest to the goat skin?
why not jsut get goat skin? its availible easily enough. siegal of california or tandy leather both sell it at a good rate.
Deer, goat, cow - all are common enough to be used. If you care for such things, you may want to get vegetable or alum tanned leather, we know that those two sorts (at least) were around back then. Choice of what kind of leather to use would of course depend on what you want to make.
Quote:why not jsut get goat skin? its availible easily enough. siegal of california or tandy leather both sell it at a good rate.
The only time I've ever seen goat anything from Tandy, it was goat rawhide, not tanned leather.

I'll try looking into siegal, thanks for the tip.
Wow, Brian, I thought the one thing available in Montana would be hide, of all sorts! I lived in Kalispel for a while and recall a lot of leather being worn....... 8)
Tannage: Vegetable-tanned
Uses: Small leather goods, Bookbinding
Weight: 2-oz
Average size: 8 sq ft

These are 2-oz, Natural in color, top selection vegetable-tanned goatskins. This leather is great for small leather goods, linings, & bindings. It tools, dyes/oils and cuts great, too. These vegetable goatskins are a very nice economical alternative to Genuine English Kips without sacrificing quality.

Leather cannot be cut. Order in quantities of 10 square feet for each skin. e.g. enter 10 for 1 skin, 20 for 2 skins, 30 for 3 skins, etc. Ordering in other units will delay processing of your order

tandy does carry goatskin, lookslike there out of it or its not on the webside. Smile

always remember veggie is your friend. chrome tanned is a no no
Chuck, thanks for the link.

Byron, as I said in the first post, lots of Elk, Deer, Antelope, etc. As for the ranch animals, they are all being shipped out of state for slaughter.

Most of the fur I've seen in SCA has been either coyote or some of those other game animals.
Sorry, should read more closely! :oops: So no sheep fleeces?
They were actually quite hard for me to get, when I was searching the web and the phonebook, but I ended up buying one from a department store, and will be getting good use from it! But if they are all shipped out of state, that might be your best option too! not as cheap as a wholesaler, but at least you would get one!?