Full Version: Aedamklissi CD - My Apologies
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To all who requested a copy of the adamklissi pictures on CD - my apologies. I have no excuse to offer, I'm just like a typical politician at election time, lots of promises and no delivery :oops:

However, I now have 5 cd's ready to post and I promise they will be winging their way to those who requested them EXCEPT for Jasper Confusedhock: in the next few days.

Jasper, can you drop me a pm with your address so I can get a copy off to you?

As I said before, you have permission to use them for whatever you want, but I'd appreciate if you do publish them you reference the photographer, Jack O'Keeffe as i think that's only fair.

Also, I'll be posting some high definition pictures of Roman Skopje (Macedon) in the next few days - again by Jack O'Keeffe. I have another 'correspondent' in Hungary who will try and get some pictures as well.
Big Grin D D D


Cheers Martin! Big Grin
Thanks Martin!
Roman Skopje aka Scupi, Moesia Superior.
Thank you very much Martin!

Here's the list I'm posting out to (don't worry if I've spelt your name wrong, I'll get it right on the package):

D B Campbell
M. Demetrius
Carlton Bach
Jasper Oothuys

This is all I have received addresses for. If you wish to add your name please drop me a PM with your postal address.

Please allow time for delivery. I have dispatched them by courier today. He shall dispatch them via galley to Rome tonight on the high tide and they should reach the central sorting office in the forum by early August. :wink:

From there to the rest of the Empire. Oh, for those of you living in North America, please allow 1400 years for delivery as you haven't been discovered yet :lol:
Many, many thanks, Martinus