Full Version: Just a list of the links I\'ve compiled from Roman stuff =)
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I figured, though I'm VERY much still new to this scene, that I'd share some of my favorite bookmarks in researching a lot of the stuff that I want to make myself one day =)

First and foremost, I'd like to mention The Twentieth Legion, because Matthew Amt has, what I consider to be, the gospel of Roman re-enactment. Read it, embrace it, love it. =D

1 ) Arador Armory -- They have a lot of stuff on basic metalworking, plus "18 Things I've Learned About Sheet Metal", which is quite amusing.

2 ) Florentius -- A good site about a lot of miscellaneous things; Buckle construction, Scutum Edging, and a lot of other great stuff.

3 ) Hispana Segmentata Construction pg 1
Hispana Segmentata Construction pg 2
Hispana Segmentata Construction pg 3
Hispana Segmentata Construction pg 4
Hispana Picture-by-Picture Assembly -- this stuff is from the Legio IX Hispana site, and it is a bunch of pointers and hints for making a Segmentata, the last is a photo-heavy display of how to assemble a Segmentata.

4) How to Peen a Rivet -- As the title suggests, this is a site on how to correctly peen a rivet, if you've never done that kind of thing before. Includes a ton of pictures. Pretty good stuff.

5) Lorica Segmentata Volumes 1 & 2 -- The website for the printer of these volumes is nearly worthless, being that their website isn't ever updated on this specific collection, but perhaps it could lead a few people to getting these books, if they so desired them. It must be said, that though I don't have them myself, I have heard time and time again, that these are invaluable items for reproducing Lorica Segmentata.

6 ) Making Authentic Caligae -- A good site for a walk-through on how to make Caligae.

7 ) Another Making Caligae -- In our very own "How-To" section, this is another walk-through for making Caligae.

8 ) First Attempt at Hinges and Closure Loops
Making Hinges (A Couple Posts Down)
How to Make a Segmentata Fit
Make Your Own Rivets
Scutum Press/Construction
A Ton of Roman Picture Impressions(5th Post Down)
Advice on Riveting Tools
Rust Prevention and Maintenance
Girdle Plate Length Discussion
Non-Composite Re-curve Bow Discussion
Lorica Laces Discussion -- A whole ton of RAT forum discussions that I've liked/bookmarked for reference. A lot of good discussion in these.

9 ) Corbridge 'A' Diagram
Corbridge 'B' Diagram -- These two links are from Legion XXIV, and are just diagrams of how the Segmentatas go together. Very useful if you're building your own Seg =)

10 ) A Few Miscellaneous Tips on Lorica Segmentata -- Just a few eclectic tips, plus some needed tools, etc.

11 ) Wikipedia Entry on Segmentata -- Mostly some good pics of the inside, etc., but also some decent information.

Again, it's not nearly a comprehensive list, but I thought that I would share, in hopes that it would help this new section, and that someone could walk away with some help without having to dig through tons of threads to get it. Enjoy =)
Awesome Brandon! Thanks for posting these. A few sites there that I have not been to myself!