Full Version: Onagers, ballistas etc
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Has anyone got any links to video clips of these being demonstrated ?
Working reproductions would be better, but movie clips would possibly be OK too.

Cheers Smile
Gladiator opening scene
The quality of the video isn't great, but couldn't find any of better quality.[/url]
I think this one has been posted on RAT before: Römer Festival, Hjemstedt Oldtidspark (Denmark)
Too bad you didn't post this a day earlier Sad We just spent part of this afternoon training new crew members on our onager. There may be some links to footage of Gallio's Legio XXIV ballista at last year's Roman Days Maryland event on Matt Amt's Legio XX site.

Thanks for those links. Big Grin

They are hopefully going to be used in a couple of physics lessons as a discussion point (if that's OK with you guys of course). Even better if the kids get chance to build their own :wink:

These are good examples of uses of potential and kinetic energy.... with some classical studies being sneaked in too of course :wink: (Any excuse to try and get kids more interested in the ancient world).
OH man- where was this when I took physics? :lol:
yeah, my physics teacher was an uninterested guy only there untill he could find a job with the oil companies! Sad