Full Version: 4th century bce Military belt
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I came across this on eBay....a military belt described as a Greek Apulian Military Belt:
It is dated to the 4th century bce and belonged to an officer, quite possibly from the army of Philip or Alexander.
It is made from a solid sheet of bronze with two closing hooks inscribed with acanthus leaves and has holes for an attached backing. Size 37"L x 2-1/2"H,

Beautiful.... Big Grin
Yes,just it isn't possible this was form Philip's or Alexander's see it sais Apulian,from Apulia in Italy. ... mnites.jpg ... anians.jpg

Have a look at these Campanians and Samnites
Actually there are fragments of similar belts in the Delphoi and Desphian Museums that they are dated from the 7th Century B.C.
Perhaps belts like these are the source of the term EYZONOS (well belted)

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