Full Version: Reference needed - Heumensoord burgus
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In a couple of books I found some information about a burgus from late third and fourth century that was found in Malden-Heumersoord (Near Nijmegen, the Nethetlands) in 1931-1932. Could someone point me to some more information on this.
[Image: heumensoord.jpg]
The Heumensoord burgus, by Kelvin Wilson

Links to articles:

Malden, een wachtpost uit de Laat-Romeinse tijd.

Pdf document van de wachttoren.

Short article about the excavation, with map:
[Image: 1999-12.jpg]
Romeinse wachtpost, Heumensoord 1:500
Naar: J.H. Holwerda OML 14, 1933