Full Version: Share Your Greek Artwork
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Nope Phokis if you please.
Doesn't matter about the inaccuracies, it still looks really cool. Smile

I always like to draw ancient soldiers, especially Greeks. Actually the main reason I joined this forum was to make sure I could make my Spartans as accurate as possible. :wink:
From my friend Nikos Panos.
A filthy rich Athenian who could afford a purple colored helmet:
Athenian hoplite of the Phylaidae clan by my friend Nikos Panos.
Straight from the horse's a**!

Looks good, though. Smile
Actually that was the attitute of the clan Danno :lol:
And that was the idea. Two pottery fragments one in Athens and one in the British Museum were asociated with them.
The guy must have been "filthy rich" to paint his armor purple!
Kind regards
Again by my friend Nikos Panos.
Enjoy. ... IN_150.jpg
Great artwork! Smile
Well,I don't know if it can be considered artwork but is how I imagine king Leonidas or a Spartan Polemarch.Ok,they may wore some more expensive armour,but maybe not... ... bright.jpg

and in the studio ... Slight.jpg
Yep, that's mine..!
Agriannian peltast...
Gioi,once I had so long hair,when they were wet,but now I cut them short...You'd have to wait for more than 3 years if you want me to necome your Spartan brother :lol: But anyway,I'm nearly 19,as a Spartan I would be a Melleireiren and would not be allowed yet to have long hair.I have to become 20!
Just finished a picture of Dithyrambos the Thespian at Thermopylae!

It's a little rushed, but I was excited to use my new water colours, since I hadn't done such work in a while...
Very nice ones :wink:
Thanks Gioi. Big Grin

Glad you like '300'... one of my favourite comic books, for sure.

Are the Thermopylae images from "The Last Stand of the 300"? I've started watching it... it's fun to watch as far as documentaries go, but it still seems they've gotten a lot of things wrong.
Here is some texture work I have done for an upcoming game I am working on (I am part of an indie game dev company).

My favorite texure I have done so far has been my texture ofr King Philip of Macedonia. It's based on the Vergina cuirass. Hope you like!
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