Full Version: Anyone having ancient ship illustrations (AD 400 to AD 700)?
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I am in need of ancient and early-medieval illustrations (mosaics, paintings, sketches, grafitti, models) showing ships. The timeframe is from AD 400 to AD 700, and the geological location should be the West Roman Empire, the East Roman Empire / The Byzantine Empire, and Arabia and India. Thanks!
"Nautical Illustrations" selected by Jim Harter (ISBN: 0-486-42835-4) is a permission-free clip art book with lots of ancient / medieval boat images. It's all line art. Some are conjectural engraved illustrations from Victorian times. Others are copies of historic pieces - like Roman sculpture or the Bayeaux Tapestry. If there is something in particular you are after, let me know and I could scan/email a couple for you.

There is an other Dover Publications books that might be useful to you"
"The Book of Old Ships: From Egyptian Galleys to Clipper Ships," byHenry B. Culver

I'm curious. How will you be using the images? It sounds like your giving a presentation or making a report.
Thanks for the hint, Andrew. Yes, plesse let me see some examples of early Byzantine-time ships.

Yes, you are kinda right: I am in the reconstruction of ships, and need to have all available ancient resources to do so.
Prof. R.W. Unger, Cogs, Caravels and Galleons, Chapter 4.
Also with a drawing of a reconstruction of a early 7th cent. Yassi Ada. Big Grin
Are you making a model? Or a real ship? I'll look for Byzantine images...
I know I always say the same... but for any shippy illustrations of any time I'd go to

and search the thing for the centuries you are interested in!

Have fun,
Aufidius: I know that website, but even they don't have all images...

Andrew: Illustrations. But I would be very happy to have someone aboard making 3D models.

Susanna: Can you scan some images so I can see their quality and authenticity?