Full Version: Roman Army Painting Prints
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Well after posting my Roman painting I did on spec for another project I have gotten enough good feedback and questions about prints etc to make me think maybe there would be demand to do one thats intended just for this community.

What I had in mind is to do something with feedback from the community from the very start. Really I can do pretty much anything the community wants. We could do anything from the siege of Jerusalem to portraits different characters to a battle with barbarians to a naval battle.

Now of course to do this I would have to figure out some way to pay for my time. Now I was thinking the best way to do this would be to sell prints of the finished work in different sizes and quality. For example 8x10 to poster size and poster quality archival quality on heavy archival paper. For this we can just work out what the demand would be for size of work and price range.

Aslo so make this work it would be best to get help from the community for reference images. Plus you would be able to have you images in the grand battle or what ever the group chooses.

Any way let me know how much interest there is in working on a project like this. I have the time right now to do it so its some I can get started on as soon as there is enough interest.

By the way you can see some more of my work at As you can see there is everthing from a painterly style to a photoreal style. Any style if fine with me on this project.
I'm in.

With regard to the period can I suggest, as indeed you did, the Early Imperial period. The caesarian period has its share of depictions of caesar, Vercengetorix, Alesia et al. An action from this period eg Siege of Massada or a recreation of one of the plates from Trajan's column should produce an interesting subject. Any later and I think it would be difficult to get agreement on various aspects.

Alan Machen
Well I am open to anything but I agree its best to work in a period where we can get the most agreement and also it would be helpfull to work in the period where most peoples kits fit.
Well I am always one to throw a spanner in to the mix!

Your work is amazing!

I would love to see you tackle the Caesarian period myself! While much has been done that is true, it would be nice to see someone with your talent try some of his campaigns! From his confrontation with the Helvetii, his crushing of the Veneti, which would include romes first navel encounters in the Atlantic, and so on.......a wealth of imagery! And then the civil war.......sad visions of confrontation caused by the petty greed of the aristocracy!

Anyway, great work! Look forward to seeing more in the Roman vein!
Well as I said I am open to pretty much anything. The more important thing is how many people will be interested in prints.
Well, what are you charging for the one you have already made?
I love that! The testudo in action! 8)
Well on that one I do not own the copyrights to all the source images so legaly I am not supposed to sell it. Besides I always think of things I can do better and so each image tends to get even better. Smile
lol ok! Look forward to you updates then!
Great work!

I would be interested in ANYTHING from late Republic to early Empire. However, the Siege of Jerusalem sounds good to me. The only thing I remember seeing on the subject is a wonderful drawing by Peter Connolly in his book on the Roman Army.

I hope something can be worked out. Count me in!!

Andy De Cusati