Full Version: Qasr Bshir
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One of the best-preserved forts in the Roman empire, constructed in the late 3rd/early 4th century AD. Here are some photos (I've been digitising old slides and decided these merited posting) as well as some Google Earth jiggerypokery, in the form of .kml and .kmz files. Note that I can't actually get Google Earth to fire up on these links (but that may just be because I haven't got file types configured correctly on my linux version of GE), so best to right click, save to disk, then use File->Open in GE itself.

If you don't have or can't run Google Earth you can still see Bshir by using Google Maps.

The amount of Roman military stuff in Jordan that is clearly visible on Google Earth is astounding and one day I will post my collection here.... but not yet ;-)

Mike Bishop
Very tasty. The photos really enhance the whole thing Big Grin

What a lonely place.
Thanks Mister Bishop!

That fort was on another link on here a while ago, and has impressed me quite a bit! Mind you, most new stuff on here does.........

Pity it is soo far away! Thanks for the link to your photos! Big Grin

When I win the lottery, my house is going to look just like that! :roll:
What i like so much is to see the tabula ansata still in use in the 4th century!


Lovely photos Mike!!
Very good - thank you! I also like your picturers of Calleva Atrebatum - my favorite Roman town in Britain.