Full Version: My home town Houten is in the news! (Limes)
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Since this does not happen all too often Big Grin I'm doubly proud of course.

Link to the news item (in Dutch)
Another link (Dutch)

While preparing the ground for a doubling of the railwayline Utrecht-Geldermalsen, archaeologists have found part of the military road (limes) between the forts Fectio (Vechten) and Trajectum (Utrecht). The actual road was expected, but so far no traces had been unearthed (or noticed!). Personally I expect to see another piece of the road, to the east of Fectio this time, unearthed when a road will be constructed in the near future.

Most of the news is about the Limes and its background, the news about the find is the message that subsequent research will take another 2-3 weeks.

To be continued...
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I hope they will have to reroute the tracks!

UNESCO give us a heritage status now!!

Quote:and I hope they will have to reroute the tracks!
No chance for that I'm afraid. Since this is a N-S line ans the road goes E-W, where would they reroute it to? Besides, there are already 2 tracks, 2 more won't be any difference. :wink: But of course, they can now follow the route of the Roman road all the way to Fectio...
AH!!!! hahahahaha finally......... STRAIGHT! tracks!!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

And yes, I live very close by, but I'm sick (flu) and I can't hop over just yet... :evil:
Quote:... but I'm sick (flu) and I can't hop over just yet... :evil:
Just getting over a nasty bout of flu myself, Robert. Hope you'll soon be better.
Thanks Duncan. Maybe I'll take the car and try if I can get near the site...
I had a good laugh about this artikel in the paper. The journalist actualy said "this road was expected due to data of ancient Roman roadmaps" . Power to the topografic cartographers of ancient Rome. :lol:
Get well soon! Big Grin Would be a shame to miss it up close.
Well, I tried to locate the spot but I guess it's hidden from sight. I'll try and ask my collegue tomorrow where to find it... Cry
Hope you had beter luck today, Robert. I would be most intrested in the findings, not often a Roman road pops up in these parts and is recognised as such Cry
Quote:not often a Roman road pops up in these parts and is recognised as such Cry

Ah, but they were looking out for this one, knowing it could be there.. Like I said, they will be looking for another section when the new road from Houten to Bunnik is constructed.
Any photos?
No, the site seems to be covered up again, possibly before the research really begins.
I have now managed to find the exact spot, but I hope you won't hold it against me when I don't post aerial pictures on the forum... There's no merit in full disclosure before the actual excavations have started. :evil:

I'll be glad to give a tour (with maps and documentation), although I fear there's nothing to see at the moment.
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