Full Version: Dang! Space is BIG!!
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Something cool from another forum:

[Image: universe_in_perspective_001.jpg]

[Image: universe_in_perspective_002.jpg]

[Image: universe_in_perspective_003.jpg]

[Image: universe_in_perspective_004.jpg]

[Image: universe_in_perspective_005.jpg]

[Image: universe_in_perspective_006.jpg]
Yet more:

[Image: universe_in_perspective_007.jpg]

[Image: universe_in_perspective_008.jpg]
Very nice pics......
Now, imagine the known universe inside a paperweight on gods desk!
then imagine another known universe, fitting in another paperweight, on another desk in that universe, and think of this pattern repeating itself infinitely...... that is how big space is.... Confusedhock: Confusedhock: Confusedhock:
Perspective... Big Grin
COOL! Death Star is really big!
[Image: ML.jpg]
on the topic of size , theres some ship size comparisons between some stuff from starwars, startrek, babylon 5, macross, etc...
Excellent! But one big starship is missing - Sovereign class super star destroyer (length 15 000 m), it is smaller variant of Eclipse class SSD :wink:

[Image: 98.jpg]
By the way, what is your favourite starship? I like Star Wars Imperial destroyers...especially Enforcer and Imperator class Smile
Well, as Godzilla taught us, Size DOES matter...

Another fun scale site:

Oh! and if you haven't in Hayden Planetarium in NYC, that's a cool set of scale models too!
Fun fact . . . there are (approximately, like within an order of magnitude) the same number of known and named galaxies in our universe than there are stars in the Milky Way . . . but as to universes, we cannot say, because no emperical observation known to man can reach outside of this universe.
Anyone's brain hurt when they try and comprehend the sizes of those stars?

Man, I hope we are able to explore space like in Star Trek...I'd love to know more about what's out there, and get some pics on my digital camera.

Great thread travis!
for more pictures of the universe see this link:
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