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Caius: Are you the Christian Koepfer who sold me those beautiful belt fittings when you were in Atlanta and had that great Berlin sub-type gladiator helmet that I could'nt afford? If so, contact me at [email protected] to say "Hi".

Hi Martin. Smile
Yes, that´s me. Smile
I moved this to the off-opic section, and put a nice NOSPAM in your mail adress...

What the #*$@!!! is a NOSPAM? What you up to these days? How are plans progressing for your Italian/Roman hotel/educational centre? By the way, finished translating the book. It came out pretty well, if I say so myself. Do you still have the gladiator helmet?

Hi Martin,
Members who post their or other member's email addresses in plain text on the forum, basically invite spam to those addresses. To prevent that, moderators edit those addresses as a matter of course with some obvious inclusion (like NOSPAM), so that email harvesting bots get useless addresses, but humans can easily discern the correct email address to use.
Hey Martin, I sent you a pm. Smile
What's a pm?
Quote:What's a pm?

Ave Martin,

a private message which you can send or receive on this forum.

Log in, and in one of the top red lines of this page, you will read 'You have 1 message' (Or: 'You have no messages').

Click that line and you'll find the PM menu.

The in-box contains messages from other members for you.
The out-box shows messages you have sent, but were not opened/read by others yet.
The sent-box shows messages you've sent and which were received and read.