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Ave Restitvtvs!

I know a interesting italian site with Roman up to medieval etc churches, it even 've some simple but computer reconstruction of churches & 300- 400 Ad roman troops, would post later, when I fint it.

cheers, or God Bless! 8)
Ave Comerus!

Good to see you again. Smile I look forward to this website link.

Pax tecvm! +r
This fantastic art and architecture history website (Norwegian)...


...has eight folders of Roman church images...


Six folders with images of Ravenna, Italy basilicas and baptisteries, 5th and 6th centuries AD:


The darker images can be lightened using software.
Perhaps one of the best collections of "western" European church architectural images from Late Roman through Late Gothic:


These bring back some fond "old" memories. +r
Great job Restitvtvs!!

Is very interesting for the late roman reenactors.
Hi, Carme: Thank you for your post.

Cheers to Late Roman reenactors! Smile
With Roman & other architectural periods:
Quote:Ave Comerus!

Good to see you again. Smile I look forward to this website link.

Pax tecvm! +r

Hello Restitvtvs, here I post what I want to show you Big Grin

You can go down to 3d reconstruction, or Index page to guide you to the churches... ... 943#108943

Regards! ... index.html

Smile Very good overall.

Links to pages with text and images. +a/r
Excellent resource, many thanks, brother: laudes Big Grin
The remains of a possible mid-first century church (in a cave) were found earlier this year in Rihab, Mafraq, Jordan. Google search yields many good links, including: ... hurch.html

Some experts understandably question the claim that this is the world's oldest church: ... hurch.html

Understandable that this cave could have been converted into an underground church. It was not so safe in the region for Christians to congregate above ground during the first & second centuries, during & after several Jewish-Roman wars.

This cave is under a 3rd century above ground church, built around the same time as the 3rd century Dura Europos, Syria church or house-church, when it was safer for Christian to congregate above ground. The Megiddo, Israel church, found in 2005, may have also been built around this time.

Whether or not this cave is the world's oldest church depends not only on the dating of the oldest original artifacts/features in the cave, but also on the definition of a "church".

The word we translate as "church" originally referred to the collective body of all believers. The word was eventually applied to their structures dedicated to Christian worship, akin to but distinct from "synagogue" for Jewish worship. (NOTE: earliest Christians worshipped in synagogues, as Christianity started as another branch of Judaism.)

In any case, from other sources cites in related RAT threads, what is believed to have been St. Peter's house in Capernaum, Israel, may have been completely converted to a Church during the first century.

Good chance that other first century churches are yet to be discovered elsewhere, in Israel &/or other countries.
Nice architectural website: . The church thread Churches Interiors & ArtWorks posts are mostly of European medieval (including Byzantine) churches, but it does have early Christian church posts with photographs of structures, frescos, mosaics, and other features.

Nice searchable academic image collection: . Some images are over 2,000 pixels wide, with good detail clarity. Several hundred images of Roman/Christian period, as well as subsequent Byzantine and Medieval European periods.

Nice website for the Roman church Santa Maria Antiqua (5th to 9th century): http://www.archeorm.arti.beniculturali. ... index.html . Wikipedia article: .
Great Ravenna Italy photo set by Nick Thompson. Smile


Mostly 5th & 6th century Christian mosaics, cosmopolitan Late Roman to cosmopolitan Early Byzantine. North, South, East & West influenced each other to various degrees.
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