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just reading the online news to see that a 'mini' tornado hit a North London street this morning doing a fair bit of damage..
That is a rare thing for this country ...
Confusedhock: Confusedhock:
I think the same storm passed over my house, but luckily no tornado or micro-burst (downward wind). At least it was the same time roughly, and came and went very quickly. Awesome lightning. I'm in south east London, so it may have travelled a fair way, or it was another of a band of storms that came over London and the outlying areas.

Here's the AOL report:

At least six people were injured when a tornado ripped through a London suburb.

One man was taken to hospital with a head injury and five people were treated at the scene for minor injuries and shock.

The tornado struck Chamberlayne Road in Kensal Rise, north west London at 11.02am.

Video footage from a helicopter flying above the street showed part of the side of a house had collapsed, partially covering a car parked outside.

Trees were brought down in the street
The footage shown on Sky News also pictured several houses which had lost roof tiles, including one house where almost the entire roof had been peeled away.

A London Ambulance Service spokesman said the storm caused structural damage to a number of properties.

"We have sent four ambulances, two fast response cars and two officers to the scene.

"We have also activated the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service which carries a senior trauma-trained doctor and a paramedic.

"We have treated a man believed to be in his 50s for a head injury and have taken him to Central Middlesex hospital.

"We have also treated five adults at the scene for minor injuries and shock."

Tim Klotz, who works in entertainment and film and has recently moved to the street, said it happened right in front of his house.

He said: "It was like some sort of cyclone. I was actually in an attic room working at my desk on the computer and there was heavy rain and sleet and then the wind just really changed.

"I looked up through a skylight and debris was falling through the air. I heard what seemed like large, clay dominoes falling, which I think were roof tiles."

The 34-year-old, originally from New York, said it then went "a bit dark" so he went downstairs and heard a smash at the front of his house.

He said: "My house was very lucky because there was only a broken window and some damaged roof tiles, but another house had its roof peeled off and fences had come down along the street.

"It was right in front of my house. I must have been right in the middle of it. There are police and fire services here now but I cannot see any fires."

A spokesman for weather forecaster MeteoGroup said a band of strong storms came through, with Heathrow Airport recording gusts of 48 knots (55mph).

He said: "That is quite squally so residential areas might have had gusts of up to 60mph.

"It still seems to be very localised so it is either what is called a micro burst - a strong down-burst of wind - or a tornado, which is when the wind goes up."

Local resident Daniel Bidgood told BBC London 94.9: "I've witnessed my first tornado.

"I was in my living room and I heard a big crack of lightning and thunder, then as I went to the window I heard a sound which was like standing behind a jetliner.

"I could see a huge cloud rolling up the street, making this tremendous sound. I went to try to take a picture of it but a shower of debris smashed all the windows of my house."
A bit more from Yahoo News

Tornado Hits North London Street Thursday December 7, 02:19 PM

A tornado has hit north London, injuring six people, smashing up houses and cars and leaving wreckage strewn in its wake. One man was taken to hospital with a minor head injury and five people were treated at the scene for minor injuries and shock.

The storm ripped off entire roofs and tore down the walls of houses - even though eyewitnesses said it lasted just seconds.

Twenty fire engines were sent to the scene at Chamberlayne Road in Kensal Rise after reports came in at 11am.

A fire service spokesman said around 100 properties had been affected, and several hundred people may have been displaced. Residents have been asked to say with friends or relatives, or taken to a local church hall. A nearby school has also been evacuated.

Resident James Miles told Sky News the experience had been "very, very frightening".

"I was talking outside with a friend when all of a sudden there was a flash of lightning and a huge big bang, then two minutes later this horrendous tornado shot right across," he said.

"Slates were flying everywhere onto people's houses and cars.

"It's really nasty. A lot of people are shaken up. It's not the sort of thing that happens in central London."

Dawn Butler, Labour MP for Brent South, told Sky News: "We have to try and make sure that those people who are put out and not able to get their belongings that it does not have a detrimental effect upon their Christmas.

"But we also should be grateful that nobody has been fatally injured and that no lives are lost.

"This is a mini-tornado and look at the damage it has done. It has done maximum damage."

Sky News weather forecaster Francis Wilson said tornadoes generate winds in excess of 100mph.

"Warm air at the bottom and cold at the top is a recipe for unstable weather, which is what's happened here," he said.

Hail and thunderstorms were reported elsewhere across London.

A Reuters report stated
The London tornado was rated at T4 on a scale of 0 to 10. This means winds were moving at between 115 and 136 mph (185-219 kph), rating the tornado as severe, said a spokesman for the Meteorological Office.
An eyewitness described it as being around 20 metres wide

Expect more freakish weather like this folks. :evil:
We had a small tornado in South Hamburg like at the beginning of this year. Even though I was at that time in the Center of the City which is some kilometers away there was a heavy thunder storm and the lights in the pub where I was were flickering. Was quite scary though.
Ming The Merciless shall not be meddled with!
Tarbicus wrote:

Quote:Awesome lightning

Medusa wrote:

Quote:heavy thunder storm

Uhmm... Shall I get worried folks?

[Image: normal_war-of-the-worlds-promo-057.jpg]

Quote:Uhmm... Shall I get worried folks?

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Bad acting in close vicinity.
You're right, I can see something of strange now...

[Image: normal_Tripod.jpg]

I saw it from a skyscraper in Canary Wharf- even not being at the epicentre, it looked like a Hollywood movies, leaving a trail of blown over Christmas trees, with wind and rain sweeping around. Got very wet going home...haven't had the nerve to wear a paenula into work yet.... Big Grin
Quote:I saw it from a skyscraper in Canary Wharf- even not being at the epicentre, it looked like a Hollywood movies, leaving a trail of blown over Christmas trees, with wind and rain sweeping around.

[Image: normal_Tripod.jpg]

Big Grin
[Image: normal_Tripod.jpg]

Big Grin
That's what Constantine saw at the Milvian Bridge... :roll:
:lol: :lol:
Vortigern Studies:xpyz44ol Wrote:YOU SAW WHAT? THIS???
[Image: normal_Tripod.jpg]

Big Grin
That's what Constantine saw at the Milvian Bridge... :roll:

Actually, this little tornado was more like what Theodosius saw during the Battle of the Frigidus. Some sort of cyclone turned the battle in his favor which was attributed to God by pagans and Christians alike. Maybe this time God's punishing Londoners for their wickedness :twisted: Tongue

Theodosius helped by Tornados? That's a miracle indeed...! Confusedhock:

[Image: ftornids_p_05_l.jpg]

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