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I have written a small tool converts ancient measures into today's measures. For all those who may need or want this small Windows program...

If you want it, contact me. I will send it by e-mail to you. It is a small software of only 700 KB unpacked, and packed of only 400 KB.
Or, you can download it at the Forum Navis Romana. It's there inside the software section.


Sven Littkowski
That's really great of you Sven- laudes for the idea and the generosity of sharing it!
I sent it...
Many thanks, Sven, laus for you! Big Grin

And laus from me- great idea! PM sent with my email address.


Good idea!
I just sent some out. Plese give me a feedback, I would welcome it!

Stefan P.,

your e-mail address at GMail is not functioning.

Jur. J.,

The ZIP attachment is not accepted by GMail. Please contact me.

It looks really good, but a bit of (constructive!) criticisms. The main one is that you don't include Greek currency, which would be a very helpful inclusion (Obols <-> Drachmae <-> Talents). The other point is that the descriptive font is very small and hard to read being crammed in between the two tables. Other than that, though, it's a great little program that I can see getting a lot of use out of!
Greetings, MeinPanzer.

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, it is true: currently I have only the ancient Roman measures in use, since the focus of the Terra Romana project is just the Roman era.

But you have a point still, and if you could point to a website with exact measures of the ancient Greek time, I will review the software and MIGHT include the ancient Greek measures, as well. Not sure, though.

Small font: true. I will try to find another way for that special text. I knew it might be a problem.

Thanks again for your feedback. More feedbacks welcome!

The website I mentioned in my reply email has Greek and other measures Sven- you did get it didn't you? If not it's this one:

Thanks. Will check.

Could you also write a tool for converting American measures in international ones?

Just kiddin'. Big Grin
Eleatic: Ha ha ha! True. But didn't mean you the English measures?

By the way, my software does this, up to a certain extent (distances).

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