Full Version: Free copy of "Oorlogsmist"
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Today, my book on ancient warfare and battle accounts will be in the Dutch bookshops. It is, essentially, a military history of Antiquity with many descriptions of battles, and every time a brief discussion of the reliability of the account. You can find more information on the publisher's website, or read a chapter here.

If you want a free copy, here is what you must do: send me a p.m. and announce a journal, magazine, newspaper for which you can write a review. This can be a student's monthly or your reenactor's newsletter. If you can also give me an address, the publisher will send you a copy.

As always, I can not judge the book. I spent the weekend in Leuven and in the train, I read about half of it, and was not really satisfied (why are two photos mirrored that were correct in the proof?! why haven't I seen that ugly expression before?!), but still I think that a non-specialist audience will appreciate the book.
Nice cover, Jona.
(I'm sure the content is excellent, but I do not read Dutch. :oops: )