Full Version: Handbook to the Roman Wall, Fourteenth Edition
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Collingwood Bruce's Handbook to the Roman Wall is now available once again in the shape of the Fourteenth Edition, completely rewritten by David Breeze. Forget all the so-so stuff on the Wall by hack authors that populates the publishers lists; if you are seriously interested in Hadrian's Wall, you need this (particularly since none of the out-of-copyright old editions seem to have been put online).

Amazon are not listing it at the moment but Oxbow do include it. It is published by the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne and distributed by Oblong Creative (who have a very flashy, but depressingly useless website), so if the Oxbow route fails you'll need to resort to old-fashioned steam-driven cheque books, since Oblong's much-trumpeted internet know-how does not appear to include selling the books online: send a cheque made out to Oblong Creative Ltd to

Oblong Creative Ltd
416b Thorp Arch Estate,
Wetherby LS23 7BJ

The price is £18, plus £4 postage and packing (or £6 postage and
packing for addresses in Europe).

Mike Bishop
And don't forget David Breeze's companion volume on The Antonine Wall.

(I haven't seen it yet, but David was Chief Inspector of Ancient Monuments for Scotland from 1989 until 2005 -- if anyone knows about the Antonine Wall, it's him!)
Thanks guys!!
Only showing up at Oxbow, not David Brown.
Quote:And don't forget David Breeze's companion volume on The Antonine Wall.

Its reviewed here:
Picked it up at the Museum of Antiquities for use in my dissertation. A very useful find, although one is tempted to wonder if anyone needs to know quite that much about the Wall :lol: