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For some reason the Senate told my faction leader to kill himself (they also gave me an impossible mission to assimilate Germania, but no matter what I tried they said no to my ambassador). I said no and then everyone declared war on me.

Well, I don't feel like going through all of do you enable the cheats? I have a few that would help me out in this case, especially the "kill_faction" cheat, but they don't seem to be working. Do I have to modify a file in the RTW directory before I try this?

If I can't get it to work, I'll probably just uninstall the game and toss it, since I put too much time into this campaign already to start over.
Too late...I uninstalled it. Not sure if I'm going to play it again or not...I may try and find a different kind of game.
Dude, just install Rome Total Realism over it. Saves the Senate hassle and just lets you PLAY!
I second what Jasper says. Install RTR, it's so much better.
Definatley install RTR It's much better. If you want to download It heres a link to the downloads page of thier website:
Or just have the faction leader commit suicide. It's not the end of the game, you instantly have a new faction leader, and you are NOT outlawed. Much better outcome.
Ok, I'll try the RTR mod....hehehe.
You wont be dissapointed Smile
Quote:Definatley install RTR It's much better. If you want to download It heres a link to the downloads page of thier website:
If I install RTR, can I still play RTW or RTW-BI?
Apparently all you have to do is have a copy of each version in its own separate folder. The important bit is the CD being in your drive. So long as that's there all you need is have a different shortcut for each version to click on, and it will read the key from the CD to allow playing.

Make a copy of your vanilla RTW directory, and install RTR over that. Do check with RTW forums though!!!!

Not done it myself (can't stand the vanilla one) but with Res Gestae hopefully coming out soon I might try it.
Eacth time I try and patch the game, it asks me to insert the proper CD, well, the proper CD is in teh drive and it still doesn't work. I tried to install and play it with the RTR mod, but same thing.

So I think it's a sign from the video game gods that I should stick to console games. I am officially retiring from
Nooooooo. STOP!!! Did you upgrade RTW? Did you follow all the steps properly? I had problems as well when I first tried to install, but consoles are pants! And I wanna whup you in battle :wink:


It wasn't just RTR though, it was every patch that I tried to install. I followed the instructions to the letter....unless you can't go from version 1.0 to 1.2. Cuz that's what I did.

Hey, if you want to try a great but simple game, go here:

Tanks...blow the other guy up. Simple but i can't stop playing!
Et tu brute:trmpo32u Wrote:Definatley install RTR It's much better. If you want to download It heres a link to the downloads page of thier website:
If I install RTR, can I still play RTW or RTW-BI?

I think Jim's got right there, but I haven't done It myself.

@Jim: Res gestae mod Is dead I think. Shame, I was looking forward to It aswell Sad

@ Matt: try getting RTR Platinum, It works on 1.5 and I've never had probs patching from 1.0 to 1.3 to 1.5 heres a link

One more thing, If you do put RTR Platinum on when you try to start a campaign you will almost certainly get a CTD (crash to desktop) to avoid this go to My Computer C: Program files/Activision (or whatever your RTW file Is)/Data/World/Maps/Base There will be an icon that says Map.RWM. or something very similar, delete this file and you will have no further problems Big Grin
Yeah you can I have multiple mods exactly as Jim says- I have a clean copy of the vanilla which I keep for new mods- must be patched from 1.0- 1.2 to 1.5, and then the prologue played through (or change the text file to make it think you have)
I have
RTR (v6.0), SPQR (I just like seeing segmentata clad troops marching round O.K) and NTW2 (anyone who love napoleonic stuff should try- though there are no campaigns just custom and online batlles- though they have designed a nice online campaign for multiplayers)

you must have the prologue played to get RTR to work- at least mine won't work without if its a fresh install.
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