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Thank you, even if red feathers would be more appropriate, but I liked the black ones... Big Grin
About the shape of the crest I've copied it also from Missorium of Valentinianus I, Mosaics of S. Maria Maggiore in Roma, Codex Ambrosianus, relief of Dunapentele in Hungary. About applying that crest on a Burgh Castle helmet instead of an Intercisa or Augst (that actually present slots even if differently positioned) because this Costantinus' coin, you surely know it, convinced me for the heavy infantry unit of Iulianus' Primani (hoping to do a good thing, of course... :wink: ):

[Image: 1constantineiricvii95asisstar3.jpg]

I'm just forgetting, the soldier on the Primani logo is not real: is gotten by doctoring various pieces of pics in Photoshop... Anyway, we have in project to make six of that kind of helmets, all crested (possibly made by us) in time for the (many) next summer "late" events Confusedhock: .

Though, maybe that with such crests we will can not do a decent "testudo/fulkum"! Big Grin

Of course if your present crew does not understand the importance of re-enacting in a group like your Cohors I Gallica and is going to leave, if you want, you will can always have a place in our line at the late events, but I think you will surely not need of that! Smile

It's clear Titus! If you want to make crest on your helmets, you should to creat a moved crested system because you have many problems to do the testudo and yours plumes or "horses hairs" don't resist a long time. One thing; the archeological Intercisa IV helmet model is very dangerous to the testudo formation too.
Sure, but how can I do to attach a solid even if movable crest, if I have to use just the two slots on the ridge?

Titus we are certainly out subject but I think that all late roman helmet record to ours days can't wear crest. I know the roman litterary sources speak very much about the crest but it is a difficult question.
[Image: Budapest.jpg]
Damien, you musn't forget that the Budapest helmet was crested and that it hasn't got any slot on the ridge but it possesses four buckles for a crest (one mounted on a wooden box? :? shock:

Really??? I didn't know that! Thank Aitor. I just try to the French late antiquity forum to record all mention to the crested helmet in archeological and late roman artistic representation. It's the subject to a archeology student unniversity (Kervenec on the forum; Michel Kazanski pupil...) who work on the IVe-VIIe century East-eurpean helmet. Have you other view to the helmet and the possible location to the buckle?

In fact, you can see two of the buckles on my former pic. I'll try to mark them with arrows tomorrow. In the meantime, here goes a close-up of one of those placed at the sides. The pin has almost corroded away.
[Image: Budapest-buckle-copia.jpg]

Mais C'est ENORMMME!!! Merci Aitor!
Pas de quoi, Damien! :wink:

Here are the promised images with arrows.

Front view, again:

[Image: Budapest-copia.jpg]

And back view (my own pic, sorry for the low quality!):

[Image: Budacrest-copia.jpg]

Very interesting! Strange... buclkes on the right and left side of the helmet? How to position the crest at your own? a long or small longetidinal crest? The crest would find accommodation in the space of the axial band?
If it has gems on the top of the ridge, and the side buckles are just between couples of gems, looks like it be a more suitable room to host a crista transversa! Confusedhock: While the front and the back buckles looks like good to fix it with the classic leather ropes, so the gems on the ridge are not covered... Moreover the lower sides of the helmet are free of any decorations exactly along the cross-section line... Yes, very strange...

I cannot see so well, More pics, Aitor? :wink:

Bear in mind that the other jeweled helmet has a raised crest with decoration inderneath it.

e might be looking at an additional jewled crest and not a horse hair or feather one ?
Damien, Daniele, Conal,

Unfortunately, I wasn't there to see the original crista :wink: but, IMHO, it should be a longitudinally placed one.
I don't believe that it was a metallic jewelled crest like that of the Berkasovo 1 helmet, because of the buccle and leather straps attachment system and the apparent lack of any of the other, more common, means (slits, rivets...) of attaching metallic crests to helmets.
I think that the principle: 'The shorter the leather straps are, the better will they work' can be confidently stated as the most probable, if not certain. Then, the two buckles along the jewelled ridge are placed rather low and the side ones rather high, which would speak in favour of a longitudinal crest with two stabylizing side straps.
I think that most probably the crest was wooden, so not to damage the 'stones' and settings on the ridge. They would become, of course, obscured by the detachable crista but, in the end, perhaps it was only intended to be worn on some special circumstances... 8) (Not when forming a foulkon! Tongue )

About more pics. I took some more when I examined briefly the helmet a decade ago or so, but I should scan them and that will take me some time... :roll:

Have i missed a thread prior to this ?
No, AFAIK, you haven't, Conal.
I split this thread from another different one, where it was starting to develope as an independant entity of its own. That's the reason of the somehow 'abrupt' beginning! :wink:

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