Full Version: To all Romanians or Visitors of the Turnu Severin Museum
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I have a request to all Romanian members or those who are going to visit the museum in Turnu Severin at the Danube at the so-called Iron Gate. In that museum there is a large scale model of the Trajan's Bridge. That bridge is possibly immensely important for the history of bridge building because it may not only have been one of the longest bridges prior to the industrialization, but because I suspect that it is the first segmental arch bridge of the world, albeit made of wood.

Unfortunately, there are no good pics in the internet to be found. Those three I found are too small and do not show the flat arches of the bridge adequately. So, in case you may plan to visit the museum (or have already done so), I would be most grateful if you can grab your camera and make a couple of shots from the bridge and let me know.

Thanks and kind regards


[Image: Rom_Drobeta_ModelRomanBridg.jpg]

[Image: Foto5.jpg]

[Image: Foto4.jpg]
There is a similar model in the Museo nazionale della civiltà romana, in Rome, if that is of any help.
Thx Jona. Unfortunately no pics online. I would greatly appreciate any pics of that model. Big Grin
Anyone planning to got to the Turnu Severin Museum or the Museo nazionale della civiltà romana?
No Romanians on board? No tourist to Romania?
Although it's not arched, and from earlier times, maybe you're interested in this modell:

They also have a lot of other very nice ones on their website. (and a lot of pics)
Nice models, especially the Roman coaches.

I am looking, though, specifically for pics of models of Roman bridges with particular flat arches. Trajan's bridge is a kind of mother of this type. :wink:
I am so excited, and I just can't hide it...!

No, seriously, I just learnt that the above model must be copyright free, since the whole reconstruction of the bridge was built as early as 1906! Meaning: If somebody takes a pic, he has the rights on it. So, now, if you ever venture across this museum, pleez give the motive a whole flak of shoots, because I neeeed it over at WP, I need it yesterday!
That bridge is just mind blowing!!!
It is difficult to believe when you only have accounts of ancient feats of engineering to go by, but when you can see a scale model, it puts their abilities in to a whole new light.

I never cease to be amazed by the skills of our forebearers! :o
Still interested. Big Grin
Quote:No Romanians on board?
Oh sure there are, but for some reason no-one bothered to answer? :-?
well I am romanian but living in Germany now
the truth is there are not too many romanianas here in the forums
in my sig there is a link to Terra Dacica Aeterna they have a forum try asking inthere as well, even though is not very active you may have an answer
On the other side why don't you try sending an e-mail to the museum maybe they will answer you
I contacted them once or twice long ago, but did not receive an answer. Perhaps they felt their English is not good enough, I don't know.
Quote:I contacted them once or twice long ago, but did not receive an answer. Perhaps they felt their English is not good enough, I don't know.

you mean terra dacica eterna or the museum in drobeta?
The museum.
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