Full Version: (italian) 9th august 378 - the day of the barbarians
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Hi guys
just finished reading book by Alessandro Barbero - "9 Agosto 378, Il giorno dei barbari", 2005 , Edizioni Laterza, ISBN 88-420-7765-8

It is on Adrianople (leading up to the battle and consequences). It is essentially based on Ammianus with other sources. In terms of contextualization and interpretation the book seems to me to be up to date (the references are recent, and I have read about adrianople over the past years). It is fast paced and very well written. I read it in about four hours on a train ride from Rome to Venice.

Barbero does a good job in trying to give the widest picture possible, for such a short and fast book, considering both sides - roman and Gothic, touching sociological, anthropological and psychological aspects, and of course military ones too.

For Italian readers, that sadly do not have many Italian roman history books to read, this is a vigorous and stimulating read. I actually think the book will fair well with a more knowledgeable international public when translated into English.
Barbero is author also a good Charlemagne's biography with a chapter on carolingian military system.