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first of all, I just discovered that David Gemmell passed away on 28th July this year after heart surgery....
A good author who will be sadly missed by many.... Cry

I have just read the first of what was to be a trilogy Sad and thoroughly enjoyed....Troy - Lord of the Silver Bow
History and fantasy mixed into a wonderful tale of heroism, humour, seafaring and bloodthirsty battles. David gives us a different view of some of the characters of Homer's tales. The Lord of the Silver Bow is Apollo and the story follows the life of Aeneas of Dardania...known as Helikaon...the Golden One...
My favourite character, however, is the dour Mykene warrior spoilers though...!
A review for the second book, 'Shield of Thurnder', which I am awaiting...
David has also written 'Lion of Macedon' the story of Parmenion...(I didn't know he came from Sparta :? )
[amazon][/amazon]and 'Dark Prince' a tale of Alexander....[amazon][/amazon]
neither of which I have read, as yet....but intend to!

Ross Cowan

David Gemmell is my favourite author and I was very saddened to learn of his death. He had been recycling plots, situations and characters for years but I always fell under his spell. More than a few of his heroes are reminiscent of the likes of Baculus and Scaeva and his battle narratives are second only to Bernard Cornwell's.

The Parmenion novels, Lion of Macedon and Dark Prince, are well worth a read. The latter is perhaps my favourite Gemmell novel. IRC, Gemmell's account of Leuctra in Lion of Macedon followed Lazenby's reconstruction and it is suitably gripping. Forget about V. D. Hanson and those ‘face of battle’ enthusiasts so despised by Everett Wheeler; read Gemmell if you want to know what ‘really’ happened! ;-) )

Also of interest to RATs will be Ghost King and Last Sword of Power, Arthurian novels featuring the Ninth Legion! Total hokum, but Gemmell makes you believe while you are reading. The initial Rigante novels also feature an imperialist city-state called Stone, with a Caesar-like general leading his legionesque regiments.

I've yet to read the first Troy book. I was waiting until all three books were published. I understand that Gemmell had written 70,000 words of the final instalment. He died at his computer while working on the book: ... 32,00.html

If you like Conn Iggulden, you’ll like Gemmell. In fact, you’ll probably recognise Gemmell’s strong influence on Iggulden.

That are sad news!

Just this summer I discovered David Gemmell for myself. After reading his 'Lion of Macedonia' during holidays, I eagerly ordered and am still reading 'The Black Prince'. Strange coincidence that he passed away just now when I learned to know his work at last ... Sad