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greetings All

Im trying to work out the unit on this inscription (from Aquicum)

any help appreciated

I think line 4 reads "EQ(ues) ALAE BRI..." The rest is hard to read, but would make it the Ala Britannica. What did you make of the whole thing?
Spaul has two units begining 'bri'

ala I Britannica and ala I Brittonum both of which served for a time in Pannonia
What I can make out is

Line 1: D M

Line 2: C C O M I N I V S

Line 3: C O M I (N) ......

Line 4:

Line 5: (I I I I) .... I X (I I) ............ X X

Line 6: (H) ................................ O M N

Line 7: © ....... R ................... N L (R or P)

Not sure of the bracketed letters.
I'm with Jasper that it's an ALAE BRI
the end of line 4 might be STIP
line 5 has something, then VIXIT ANN XX
line 6 may start with II

but it's a pretty yukky photo (sorry!)
Here are some even yuckier versions:




I traced any joined up lines for the last one, but how well I've no idea.

Tip: squinting doesn't work :wink:
That does help Tarbi,
It'd be this then:
D(is) M(anibus)
C(aius) Cominius
Eq(ues) Alae Brit(annicae) st(i)p(endiorum)
IIII Vixit ann(is) XX
H(oc) M(onumentum) P(osuit) Comn(enus?)
thanks for your help.

I wonder why it doesnt seem to be in ALA2?
Quote:I wonder why it doesnt seem to be in ALA2?

They probably couldn't read it :wink:
he should have asked here Smile
Too late

But here is the result of my tinkering: ... onHigh.jpg


aka Soren Larsen
Spaul's Ala 2, Cohors 2 & Classes Imperii Romani are very admirable and useful tools, but certainly not free of errors. The understandable reason for that is that it is simply a Herculean task.
it certainly is.

havent got Classes Imperii Romani yet, but very impressed with the work in the other two.

in many ways will form basis of much of my website :-) )

has anyone else noticed the different styles used on funery in different sites/areas?

ie what the deceased which to show?
Oh yes. It's a very fashion-driven thing, it seems.