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Hello all... I recently came across this very heavy helmet on the internet... cast bronze so not wearable...

does anyone on here have an insight into what helmets were worn by the consuls, or even legati?

and if i would attempt a lighter reconstruction of this helmet, would it be correct at all? or is it just plain fantasy......

i am looking for any information, also transitional attic helmets etcetera.

thanx in advance for any help...

hehe.......... eeehrm..... i am eager... yes...
Sheesh, keep yer' socks on, it's only been a day...

To me this helm looks more like A Napoleontic cavalry helm than a Roman one...
what i mean is something like the verlinden consul figure helmet...

or i might just get the deepeeka attic helmet and rework it completely?

any ideas?


the officer's helmet that You have posted is in my view very well fitting for a late Republican and may-be even Imperial Roman general. The replica has an original panoply of a Hellenistic or Roman general as a model that was depicted on a statue from Rhodos, if I remember correctly. This statue is shown in Peter Connolly's book 'Hannibal and the enemies of Rome'. In the same publication Connolly has dressed his Hannibal in the same way when he was triumphally entering a South Italian city on the back of his last elephant.

The miniature of Pegaso that You have posted, shows just this panoply, too.

BTW, by coincidence I own the other helmet that You have posted - I mean the Italian Attic one. I received it for a very low price (39 $) from an US EBay-dealer and - like You - I am thinking of reworking this helmet. I would like to attach a crest box and some kind of "visor" and may-be some decoration, perhaps a laurel wreath, a mini-bust. But in the moment I have no time and no idea how to realize it. :?

Greets - Uwe
Quote:To me this helm looks more like A Napoleontic cavalry helm than a Roman one...

I think this helmet is based on a sculpture from the Parma museum.
Hiya, do you perhaps know of any online images of this or other sculptures portraying the helmet?

best wishes,

The only image I have is a sketch in H. Russel Robinson 'Armour of Imperial Rome'.

Page 27 figure 34.