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Avete omnes,

It's my understanding that there's a hasta point in a museum in Kalkreise that has a short section of its haft in place- does anyone know the diameter of this haft? From the image I have, it's quite clearly tapered somewhat before the socket of the point begins, so, as seemed obvious given how small they can be, the diameter of the socket end is not representative of the diameter of the haft, so isn't of much help.


The small section of the Kalkriese ash hasta shaft is approximately 22 - 25mm at its widest part.

I wouldn't go any wider than about 32mm for the rest of the shaft.

The one in the centre of the photograph is the hasta that mine is based on. The blade is 220mm with a socket of about 90mm. The blade is diamond section and at its widest point is 75mm wide.

[Image: Kalkriese-2.jpg]
PERFECT Big Grin That's exactly the artifact I meant and the dimensions are exactly what I need- thanks much!