Full Version: Imperial Gallic G in Traian times?
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Hi folks!
Could Imp Gall G helmet be used in Traian times?
Gall G is from mid to late 1st century AD, but there is question if it survived so long into Traian times. I think that I saw somewhere that G was use in early 2nd century, but I don't know it exactly.

I have Imp Gall G and I am going to join re-enactment group (Legio X GPF - they recreate Traian era legionaries).

There is an example of a typical Gallic style helmet with eyebrow decoration that was retro-fitted with crossbanding similar to the Theilhofen helmet.

See this thread.. ... crossbands

So yes, there is an example of a gallic helmet from the Trajanic period, albeit altered to suit the theatre of war at the time.

Thanks Peroni!