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Is there any way we can pool our knowledge and come up with a complete list of helmets, what type they are, their known date, the publication, and what museum or collector has them? Also if they're viewable, or locked up in a dark museum store room (British Museum springs to mind).

Every now and again someone mentions a piece of equipment and then someone else suddenly comes up with another just like it, but it has these differences and those variations.

At least it feels that way, especially when you can't get your hands on so many publications for love nor money.

I'm not asking we should scan and post them, that would be very naughty, but just so we can all have a list.
Gosh, there's a German (of course) book that's already done most of this.

I can't find it in my current bibliographies though! They have been purged of all non manuscript sources for the time being.

If I think of it I'll let you know.
Antike Helme perhaps?
Does that list every helmet? I'd imagined it still being selective with most of the usual suspects in its pages.
Quote:Antike Helme perhaps?
£75 Confusedhock:
Uhuh :roll:
I think that's the one!

It has huge pull-outs of all the morphologies as I recall. Nice charts that show the progressions of forms from the 7th C. BC forward.

Ungodly german as I remember, but extremely informative.
I ain't forking out 75 Smacaroons on a pull-out :wink: Anyone know how much of it's devoted to Roman helms? I believe it goes right the way through from Ancient Greece through Etruscan, and beyond to what I'm really interested in.
It's on the Pennsylvania University Library system. I could have it in three days.

Translating, well that's the hard part.

Oh. to answer your other question.

As I recall it covers everything.
It's somewhere in the Dutch system too. Now of course my loan deposit is drained...
Are we talking about:

Junkelmann, M., 2000, Römische Helme (= Sammlung Axel Guttmann VIII), Mainz. ???

If yes, it's in our university library. If you want me to I could look certain things up - but please don't expect too much. My thesis is currently pretty time-consuming (not very much time for other interesting subjects) Cry

The book is pretty informative, but does not include every single Roman helmet ever found. The Roman helmets once in the posession of the late Mr. Guttmann are covered well, but other types are either presented in a very short way - or not at all. (otherwise the book would have to be a veeeery thick volume!)

Roemische Helme also has evolutionary charts for Roman helmets from the Republic to the 3rd century AD. I guess they are rather reliable, but not completely foolproof in every aspect.
(Crispus once criticised Junkelmann's dating of the 'eagle' helmet [Italic D?] to the late 2nd century AD - there's an ongoing discussion about this)

Tarbicus - if I were you I would try to get a copy first before buying it.
I xould easily look something up, I have the book at home. Just lmk.

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Ave omnes,

there’s a another title ‚Antike Helme’ published by the 'Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum' (RGZM), Mainz, Germany in 1988. It features ancient helmets of different nations of the Lipperheide Collection and the Antikenmuseum Berlin. (For example Greek, Illyrian, Corinthian, Apulian, Italic, Celtic, Roman)

The complete title of that 560 pages volume is:

Antike Helme. Handbuch mit Katalog. Sammlung Lipperheide und andere Bestände des Antikenmuseums Berlin
von Angelo Bottini, Markus Egg, Friedrich W von Hase, Herrmann Pflug, Peter Schauer, Götz Waurick, Wolf D Heilmeyer (Vorwort), Ulrich Schaaff (Vorwort),
814 Illustrations
ISBN: 3-88467-19-0
EUR 77,00
Available at the RGMZ
E-mail: [email protected]

But there’s also a much smaller 48 pages exhibition catalogue by the RGZM, titeled:

'Antike Helme. Katalog zur Ausstellung des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz in Verbindung mit der Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz Berlin, Antikenmuseum, und dem ... der Pfalz Speyer, 26. Mai - 10. Juni 1990'
Authors: Markus Egg, Götz Waurick, Georg Gölter
Publisher: Römisch-_Germanisches Zentralmuseum (RGZM) , Mainz, Germany in 1990
ISBN: 3-884670-23-9
32 Illustrations
EUR 14,00

Unfortunately the RGMZ did not answer my mail request on the Hebron replica yet and the PR chief seems to be always walking around somewhere in the building, far away from his phone and desk…
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