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I am looking for information regarding the decorations that adourned Body Armor (see photo attached) Could anyone enlighten me as to what the 3 symbols on this particular photo symbolize?? What they are? What they mean? Where I can find more info on this like such??? I would very much appreciate any info. Please, you can also email direct with answers at [email protected]
Can't tell you anything about this, but its good seeing it. I have that same one. it was the first roman thing I bought years and years ago.

It's off in a lot of it's details, but you have a very typical 1st C. Cuirass decoration. The top is the Gorgoneion, or Medusa's head (though) the wings are WAY too big. The gorgon's head is a hellenistic device that has roots all the way back to the Greek archaic. It is apotropaic and meant to protect a person from evil.

The next set is a religious/military heraldic image. The center pillar is an incense burner or candelabrum used in religious offerings. The creatures on either side are griffins. Supernatural animals are common as symbols of divinity or protection. The bottom image is an acanthus motif, a vegetal decorative theme with no particular meaning other than decoration. This a a fairly typical decoration scheme from the first to early second century, but this one is rather inexpertly done.

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Thankyou for your quick and enlightening response.