Full Version: late Republic/Augustan changes
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I was wondering what were the differences or similarities in appearence
of Roman legions in the Late Republican era versus the Augustan era.
Didn't we see a new helmet emerge(Gallic) during the Augustan era as well as armor?
Introduction of Weixenau (Gallic) and Haguenau (Coolus) helmets, as well as loricae segmentatae... for example.
Thanks for the reply.
It seems to me that the uniform was very similar,but I know
the gallic type helmet appeared in the Imperial period.
Was the scutum still the same as earlier or had the "barn door"
(Dura-type) shield come along yet?
Was the gladius still of the Mainz style ?
Sorry for these obvious questions but I am still trying to collect the
books and the knowledge here is so great.
Just trying to understand the physical differences and things cross over
so I get confused.
Junkelmann shows Augustan troops in early gear except the Centurion
wears a Gallic helm.
Thanks Smile
Andy, check this timeline for the development of the helmet.
link from old RAT

And here's a RAT thread discussing the rectangular scutum in Caesar's time:
link from old RAT
The helmet timeline is fantastic. It's nice to see them
all lined up and dated. Takes alot of the confusion out of
it. The thread on scutum,however, I was following when it
first appeared,but you see it sometimes digresses to a discussion
about other details. It does become clearer,though,when it
comes back "OT".
I just like the early Empirical era,and when I started didn't
know how much things changed over time. I accidentally
ended up with a seg and decided to go with what I had.
I guess I'm trying to justify my equipment to as early as I can.
I believe my balteus is even mid-1st cent.Guess I'm stuck there.

Thanks for the link. "Brilliant!!" Smile (from a famous English beer advert.)
Quote:I accidentally ended up with a seg and decided to go with what I had.
You know, there must be a way of turning a Corbridge A into a fair imitation of a Kalkriese seg? What's the latest verdict on the upper shoulder guards? One-piece or hinged, or either? Brass edging, buckles instead of tie-loops (if that one still holds water).
I have just read your post and I checked LegioXX's description
of the Kalkriese lorica including the German version. With my
limited German the text was dodgy at best but the picture(s)
of the one piece of seg looks very similar with the most obvious
exception being the hinge. It's smaller looking and has the same
three-pointed edges as the tie-loops on the Corbridge A.

Maybe someone here has more details.
I do appreciate your sympathy for my situation,though.

I'll do a little more digging and see what I can find.
Actually, the Corbridge style tie loops have STRAIGHT ends. Deepeeka and Albion for some reason went with a Kalkriese style lacing loop, with the scalloped end. For the rest of the Kalkriese lorica, we really don't know! Still a lot of guesswork.

We don't know exactly when the straight-sided scutum came into use--it might have been before Augustus or after his death. Probably the Mainz gladius was around before Augustus, but the older gladius hispaniensis was still in use here and there, too. We don't know much about Republican belts, or even footwear, really.

History's mysteries!

Thanks for the input.I revisited your site yesterday after
my last posting and did notice more than on first glance.
However, I didn't see the scallops weren't there until your
post above. I even checked out your how-to on making the
lacing loops.Very informative(as always).

I guess,in a sense, I already have a Kalkriese lorica
in that the loops are scalloped and there is little evidence
otherwise(ha). Maybe a Kalk-bridge seg. Smile
Quote:Actually, the Corbridge style tie loops have STRAIGHT ends. Deepeeka and Albion for some reason went with a Kalkriese style lacing loop, with the scalloped end.

Hiii:#2 in LS Vol2 has a rounded end, found at Corbridge, as does Hii:#44 from Longthorpe, and Caerleon's Hiii:#1 has a double-lobed end, which puts it on the right type of seg. Hii:15 from Baginton tapers to a rounded point.

But most relevant, Hi:#17 has a double scalloped end, found at Hod Hill.

Deepeeka's is fine, surely.