Full Version: Help with German paper (again)!
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Again looking for a German paper... (Well, this time only for the plates! :roll: )
It's taken me some years to collect photocopies of all the papers devoted to the Tetrarchic principia built inside the Luxor temple.
When I was ready for binding them all together, I've realized that the plates belonging to one of the papers were missing (You know, that German insistence on putting all the plates together at the end of the volume! Tongue )
I would be very grateful if somebody could e-mail me good (flat) scans of the plates belonging to this paper:

'Die Wandmalerei des tetrarchischen Lagerheiligtums im Ammon-Tempel von Luxor', Römische Quartalschrift 68 (1973) 1-34

Many thanks and, as ever, no hurry about it! Big Grin

Hi Aitor,

is it this?:

Römische Quartalschrift für christliche Altertumskunde und Kirchengeschichte/68. 1973

If so, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek here in Munich has it. I ordered it but will only be able to use it inside the library. I could make photos with my digital camera or copy it there ...
Many thanks, Martin! Big Grin
Yes, I suppose that it is the complete name...
Let's wait for a while to see if somebody can get scans. If not, please, take the pics for me and I'll be happy! 8)

Ok - I'll go there next week anyway, so just say the word :-) )
Many thanks again, Martin! Big Grin

Any more volunteers...? 8)

I would, but I have no time to go to the library. And if, you´d really have to consider building that brewery Tongue

Seriously,now: I´ll try to.
Many thanks, Christian! Big Grin
To tell it plainly, please don't change your plans for me if you cannot get flat scans, as Martin intends to go to the library next week and it will be enough if I only pester one of you! :wink:
About the brewery, I'm seriously thinking of spending a week at Trier with my family in July 2007 (Berkasovo helmets there, you know :roll: ) and that will be possibly the closest we'll chance to be in order to empty a beer barrel (Not with my help, I don't like beer!) 8)

Quote:I'm seriously thinking of spending a week at Trier with my family in July 2007
Good idea! You could combine that with an appearance at Archeon... :wink:

Too many things for so a short time (one week), sorry! Moreover, we haven't decided about the travel for sure yet... Sad

Aitor, you should have got mail. If not LMK.
Yes, I've got it, Christian, many thanks! Big Grin
Notwithstanding, after examining it more closely, I'm afraid that you haven't read thoroughly my first post... Sad
Don't worry, Martin is going to the library today! 8)

No, No!
Just forgot to attach them, they were in a different folder, bcause they are larger. Underway. Oh, if you are not satified with one of the pics, I can make it again quite quickly.
Ah, Fantastic then (But there are only 9 Mb free in my inbox... :? )!
Many thanks Christian and Martin! Better to have them twice than none and I hope that I'll be able to overcome any faulty pic by taken it out from the other set! Big Grin
Karma points for both of you! 8)

Ave Aitor,

I will be at Luxor next week. anything I may do for you there? pics, drawings?

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