Full Version: different uses of olive oil
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You can use olive oil for a lot of things...

Yeap most thing he says are true.
Also ome Linear B clay tablets from Bronze Age found in Crete talk of a number of medicines made from olive oil.
Ancient Greeks used also as a cosmetic.
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Olives are one of the "miracle foods". I saw a really interesting show on History International about a year ago called Miracle Foods of The Bible and was amazed at all the things the ancients used them for.
Italian Archeologist Maria Rosaria Beljiorno made an unusual discovery in the Pyrgos Mavrorache area in South Cyprus (90 klm from Nikosia). She dicovered an olive press among two coper processing units dated arround 2000 B.C. No charcoal remains were found in the "coper plant" only traces of olive oil. Further studies proved that with 5 kgr of olive oil you can have the output of 80 kgr of charrcoal(!!)

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