Full Version: Roman fortress: Al-Qasr, Dakhla Oasis (Egypt)
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Interesting! Big Grin
I wish to know more!
Quote:Agricultural accounts from the Roman town of Kellis, the site of which lies between Al-Qasr and Mut, show records of grain and wine being sent to a place named, in Greek, "Takastra". Up to now no one has known where this might be, but now it can be surmised that Takastra, "the camp" from the Latin castra (military camp), later became Qasr, making its etymological link with the Arabic qasr (fortified town) obscure.
Yep, that was known before. Like English 'ceister' seems to be derived from 'castra' or other names for a fortified place with Roman ties, 'quasr' was also know to be tied to Roman castra.
What a fortuitous discovery. It is always exciting when sites like this are recovered after centuries of neglect.
If it were high enough resolution, the satellite image might be worth seeing. Any idea of the coordinates?