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Nikos strikes again! Enjoy fans of Great Ceasor!
Aaah, nice one...
Hi Stefanos,

really very nice, especially the archer. As I know from the other pictures by Nikos Panos he or You both make good research before painting, are there any references about Caesarian archers using this kind of small round shields?

BTW, I like Nikos' style of painting, it is very similar and reminds me to Ronald Embleton who made a lot of professional paintings for Osprey publishing.

Greets - Uwe
Very nice painting but weren't the Romules & Remus added to the wolf during the Renaissance?
I can`t see any pictures! Does anyone know what`s the problem? Also the clock is totally wrong in this forum! Help me Confusedhock: !!!
Hi Jyrki,
The pictures are fine for me. Try refreshing. The clock is easily explained: the new host is in a different timezone now. It used to be at GMT+1, but is now on GMT-6. Most easily solved by setting your timezone in your profile. Go to ... efer&mod=1 to fix that.
Wow that's nice picture! I'd like it.
Hmm, did roman archers use parma type shields?
I still can`t see any pictures! Does anyone know why? It does not help to refresh, there`s no pictures at all!! Also I can`t change the time-zone, it doesn`t help if I change them on my profile!!!

Jyrki, in future send an email to me or one of the moderators, that's probably faster than just calling for help in a thread. Nevertheless, I'll have a look.
The archer represents an elite veteran Cretan archer of the X legion.
Please refer to my article on the Cretans in Roman service in the site Encyclopedia.
I am not sure though if the shield emblem was the Legion emblem or a Cretan local emblem.
Kind regards
Just so you know, I cant see any pictures either, I tried to refresh I also tried using both Netscape and Internet explorer but no luck. This isn't the first time I've experienced this, or not experienced this on this web site.

Just thought I'd let you know.

Just figured it out, I can only see the pictures if I'm loged in. if not, no pictures.
Hi Steve
That hint did it. Permissions were set for registered users only.
And a Centurio....
Wow! Where did you find him?
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