Full Version: Qasr Ibrim possible shield fragment
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Again from the British Museum:

[Image: 13032006177.jpg]

Fragment of a laminated wooden object with metal studs, perhaps a shield.
The constructional features are consistent with what is known of the structure of Roman shields. Leather or hide, a fragment of which survives, was attached to the surface. The metal studs were perhaps arranged to form a decorative pattern.
Was there evidence of facing on both sides of the fragment?

And I assume the studs where on the inside, not outside?
Quote:Was there evidence of facing on both sides of the fragment?

And I assume the studs where on the inside, not outside?

Sorry Rufus, I have absolutely no idea about leather being on both sides, although I would tend to think the studs are on the front. I could be wrong there, though. The description I gave is the museum's own.
Would definately be neat if they were on the outside. Thanks for the info!
The only reference to a studded shield that I know is in the Jupiter mould found at Newstead "It stands about 4½ inches high, and probably represents some Gallo-Roman or Romano-British conception of Jupiter."(Curle)

[Image: NewsteadJupiter.gif]
Curle writes this up at

I am lucky enough to have in front of me a casting taken from this mould, and the shield has "studs" across the whole surface of the scutum as well as over the semi circular "flap" which Curle sees as a leather covering. His drawing inexplicably omits the studs on the rest of the shield :roll: (which is why I disagree with his theory that these are studs holding the leather covering in place). The studs themselves are a circle with a small dot in the centre of each circle (again, this detail is not reproduced in Curle's drawing).

My camera is simply not good enough to show the detail here, unfortunately.

Not enough to prove that Romans had studded shields though- unless someone has other info?


Yes, I have a copy cast from the same mould too and if I recall correctly you are right that the (presumably) stud decoration continues accross the right hand side of the shield. Unfortunately mine is in a box in New Zealand right now so I cannot have a close look.


The Danum (Doncaster) shield had rows of studs forming a pattern on the shield face. The reconstruction now on display at the Doncaster gallery and museum shows the studs radiating out from the boss. ... uction.gif ... shield.gif