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Is there evidence of late helmets neck guards without edge sewing? Or any other kinda edging?
Of all the the neckguards of which I am aware, all those which are reasonably well preserved exhibit the border holes for the stitched leather piping.

BTW, nice pic, where did you take it? Big Grin

Some of the holes seem large and far apart. Isn't there some evidence for a metal rim?

The picture was taken on the Lower Rhine - a.k.a. Archeon. Big Grin
Care to join us this summer and be ferried around by LEG I GER?
Nope, AFAIK! Big Grin
How much is it 'far apart' in your opinion?
I was cherishing the idea but I have been unable to convince any of my group companions to join the expedition (It seems that I am the only one in my group not engaged at the Archeon meeting dates!) Cry
It seems as if Meijel will be my only 'exotic' adventure this year (my purse will thank it, no doubt!) :x

Aitor, why don't you come with Jose Mari and meet us in Gallia and continue the trip to Germania Secunda altogether?

What about the Der-el-Medineh helmet neck guard? And the famous Christie's helmet?

Robert, how far is the Rhine river from Archeonlaan?
Oh, yes, those early helmets! You're right! :oops:
I was thinking only of the somewhat later plated helmets!
I have not contacted Luis Mari about that, but I'm afraid that two persons would be too few to cover the fuel expenses! Sad

Sad to hear that...
What about the Worms, Intercisa IV and Augsburg ones?
I've been doing some homework, Ivan! :wink:
The Intercisa helmets are useless for your purpose because all their elements are backed with a thick layer of plaster of Paris (escayola! Confusedhock: ) They should be restored again or X-ray photographed to see if there are border holes on them or not...
The Augsburg 1 neckguard has border holes (See Klumbach p. 98, Abb. 20). The same goes for the Worms neckguard: "La radiografía permite distinguir que el borde está acompañado en derredor de pequeños agujeros, a una distancia de unos 0,5 cm, que mantienen entre ellos una distancia de unos 1,2 cm. Servían para la sujección de un forro de cuero, que estaba cosido".(Klumbach p. 113)
Hope that it helps! Big Grin

So we just got the Christies and the Der el Medineh ones!

Ezkerrik asko!
Yes, maybe it was an 'early' feature... :?
In any case, a movable neck-guard with a sharp edge could be from uncomfortable to dangerous! Confusedhock:

With the subarmalis, the focale and the blunted edges it will work...
Quote:How much is it 'far apart' in your opinion?
Sorry, missed this post. Well, I was mistaken. I thought the neck guard of the Berkasovo II had far less holes that the 22 of the Deurne, but both that, the Nogara and the Berkasovo I seems to have also about 20 holes.
Notwithstanding, the Augsburg neckguard (if the reconstruction drawing published on Klumbach's book is OK) exhibits less holes than othe neckguards. Moreover, teh silver plating seems to interrupt before reching the border, instead of going round it and be folded a little over tha back... :?