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Hi all!
I read work Strategematicon (War strategems) by SEXTVS IVLIVS FRONTINVS (40-103, he was officer in Britain). I must recommend this work, it is a collection of examples of military stratagems from Greek and Roman history, for the use of officers.
First book is about preparation to fight, second desribes battle, third is about siege and last is about commander behaviour.

Frontinus also wrote a theoretical treatise on military science which is unfortunately lost.

Here is link to original latin work: [url:2k7epbkt][/url]
The Loeb text and English translation of Frontinus' strategegemata or Stratagems are on Bill Thayer's excellent Lacus Curtius website:Stratagems.
Thanks Martin and Kate!

Quote:V. On Escaping from Difficult Situations
6When the consul Gaius Duellius was caught by a chain stretched across the entrance to the harbour of Syracuse, which he had rashly entered, he assembled all his soldiers in the sterns of the boats, and when the boats were thus tilted up, he propelled them forward with the full force of his oarsmen. Thus lifted up over the chain, the prows moved forward. When this part of the boats had been carried over, the soldiers, returning to the prows, depressed these, and the weight thus transferred to them permitted the boats to pass over the chain.58

Harald Hardrada did the same thing when faced with the chain across the Golden Horn while escaping from Constantinople in the 1040s...
Hi all,

Can I humbly point out that my 1997 Master of Literature Thesis is also on Bill Thayer's site - The Career and Writings of Sextus Julius Frontinus.

There are some errors for which I hope you will forgive me. He is still my favourite author and I still work on him and Polyaenus of Macedon even though I should concentrate on other things!!


the thesis is here: ... /home.html

The navigation on Bill Thayer's site is sometimes a little bit difficult :wink:
I must too recommend DE EXCELLENTIBVS DVCIBVS EXTERARVM GENTIVM (Great military leaders of foreign nations) by Cornelius Nepos. It is short biography of generals like Miltiades, Iphicrates, Hamilcar and Hannibal.
There's a good reason Murray's thesis is hard to find on my site. Officially, it's not up: therefore it's not linked on any upstream pages, for example my main Frontinus page; although in the opposite direction, see for example the footer bar of the page, it links to them.

There were big technical problems, mostly having to do with the Greek. They were so hard to solve — for me, at least — that it got pushed onto the back burner, and then little by little out of sight, out of mind.

This morning, in response to this thread, I was able to fix almost all the Greek problem, thanks to a technological improvement that just became available about a month ago. But there remains a lot of work to be done to the page (I mean HTML, Greek, formatting, cutting it up into shorter more digestible pages, popping in links, etc.); if this is going to be cited, as in fact it should be, I guess I need to get on it.

So stay tuned; although I've got a whole pile of competing things going on, as always, and progress will be slow. Thanks for alerting me to it.