Full Version: Late spatha metallic guard
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Is there any evidence of spatha metallic guards from the 4th or 5th centuries?
Hi Ivan,

Do you mean the full guard, or just the recessed plate found in earlier swords?

There is evidence that that some guards were covered in sheet metal. This evidence though is mainly from Danish bog finds so I guess they could be barbarian rather than Roman. Solid metal guards - I don't think so, although 2nd century ring pommel sword often had solid pattern-welded ones, so I guess it is possible.

Yes, all solid.

Iron ot copper alloy?
see attached link;

Nip down to what he calls a Hispaniensis .... I think it may be a late Spatha ..if it is real of course Smile
I have a look through my books, but I am unable to find any specific examples except for quite a number of ring pommel swords.

I did though find these lines in Pat Southern & Karen R Dixon's The Late Roman Army (P103) - The grips, made of bone ivory or wood... The guards could be made from iron, copper-alloy, wood or bone...

Conal's example is interesting. The pommel and guard seem certainly seem to be a later style than the 1st century BC.

Yes, you are right Sassanid!

Great link Conal (added to my favourites).

Thanks for your help and interest commilitones!
There were a couple of e-bay items also one of which was said to be a Gladiators sword as it had an inscribed laural branch on the guard and pommel ..both bronze.

There was also a spatha with a 3 groove bone grip. I didnt save the pictures but did print out so can scan ( badly ) & e-mail if you need a look.
Yes please! I'll PM you my email address. Thanks!
Scans on way via e-mail.

Not very good I'm afraid Cry

Good enough! Thanx!