Full Version: Use of Pila and Hastae
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I cannot remember if I have previously asked for information on the use of the pilum or spiculum or some tother sort of spear by Later Roman infantry.

In my research, I have not located any extant evidence that the lgeions switched from throwing spears to thrusting spears prior to the 6th Century. In most photographs of the later re-enactment groups, the members are shown with thrusting spears that could be called hastae or something similar. What are the primary sources that support the use of such weapons?

In my opinion, Roman infantry were primarily swordsmen who also carried a variety of missile weapons. This changed sometime in the 6th century if we are to believe what is written in the Strategicon. I am not convinced by this manual because of the terminology used, which seems to be based on Hellenistic rather than Roman practices. The same can be said of the other 6th Century military treatises.

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